Device local execution question

This question is for devices in general.

How do I figure out if a device runs locally before buying? The last local integration article I found was updated years ago.

Right now I am looking for some door/window contact sensors. I would like them to run locally.
Any tips or links would be appreciated!

Most Z-Wave and ZigBee window and contact sensor should work just fine with the stock device handlers. However you won’t be able to access additional sensors/features or configure them using stock device handlers, for those features you’ll need custom device handlers.

If you have a specific brand you can post them here.


Thanks. All I need for these are open/close and battery level.
I’m looking at the Ecolink door/ window contact 4655BC0-R or Centralite Micro door sensor 3323-C

Both should work fine, you’ll need to assign the ZigBee contact device handlers to them manually.

Is that just changing the device type in the IDE or installing a device handler? If it a device handler, where do I find it? Sorry, I’m still learning!

Yes, thats it. Most stock device handler run locally, you can also find that information in the IDE.

My limited experience is that you can change to the custom DTH, set device parameters, them change back to the stock DTH. The parameters are retained and local execution works.