Mydlink™ Home Door/Window Sensor DCH-Z110

I have created a device type for mydlink™ Home Door/Window Sensor DCH-Z110.
This is for the Z-Wave version not the WIFI version.

Can be downloaded from here:

It has support for SensorBinaryReport but it is only tested with default settings using NotificationReport.


Hi Tibor

Thanks for that, I have three of these sensors and just got smartthings yesterday. So I am very glad to see this posted.
One question however: The tile where I was expecting illuminance measures gives me an output of “10%” ?

Illuminance is reported as % by device not lux. I don’t do any transformation of the reported value. I couldn’t find the formula how the percentage is calculated.

Ah ok, I was not aware of that actcually. Thanks for clarifying, and even more so for the keeping an eye on this thread and replying so swiftly :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. If you have any issues please contact me here.

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Hi Tibor

I actually DO have another question:

Going through my logs I do have two types of message:

  1. “Door Sensor is open” / "Door Sensor is closed"
  2. “Door Sensor open/close state changed at …”

Whats the difference? Especially the 2nd one seems to show up at times where I am quite sure nobody actually did open or close the door that the sensor is attached to.

Thanks for clarifying.


I’ll look at mine, thanks for letting me know.

Im happy to take some screenshots in case thats of use…?

I made a change, please check if it helps. It wasn’t happening often for me so I’m not sure if it didn’t yet happen or is fixed :expressionless:

This message is supposed to be logged only when contact is opened or closed and the purpose is to display on UI when the last change was.

Thx, ill see if its behavior changes. Do I need to reinclude the sensors after updating the device type?

Just copy the new code to device handler, save and publish for self.
However the change didn’t fix the issue, I still get those entries. I think is related to illuminance report about every 6 hours, but I don’t get how that results in this event. I keep looking.

Hey Tibor

What did you change? I dont seem to notice any differences, but then im not sure if I did things correctly.
Behavior of this sensor is still odd in my system.

I have a door sensor on a door that literally never gets opened…

I have the “open/close state changed” message appearing every 5 hours 50 minutes exactly:
03:34:11 etc

Also there are periods where I get a temperatur update from that sensor once every minute for like 10-15 minutes straight…whereas on other occasions i would get no temperature update for literally hours.

Illuminance updates then also arrive every 5:50hrs, but not at the same times as the “open/close state changed” messages.

I woud post a log, but not sure how and if thats possible

(Edit: There it is: )

Unfortunately is not happening that regular for me so debugging is not easy.
The issue was that timestamp event was created even if there was no open/close event, I thought becuase testing for events was always true so I added size:

This didn’t work for me so now I moved the event creation to where open and close events are created.
Give it a try.

No change to me it seems…I am wondering is anyone else using this sensor and confirm my observations?

I have the same log entries, but not on a schedule so I couldn’t yet identify what triggers it. It shouldn’t happen so I asked a question but nobody answered yet:

If nothing changes for another week then I’ll remove the last state change date.

So the open/close state change bit appears randomly for you? Because for me it appears periodically…

Yes it is random, and it should be there only if there is also an open or a close.

I updated the device type on Github. I didn’t have the false event for a day, could you try it too?

Hi Tibor

Sorry, for some reason did not get notified of an update in here. I will update the device type and report back on its behaviour.