Sengled Open Close Sensor needs device handler

I have a series of Sengled open/close sensors that are going offline. After a lot of reading, they do not respond to pings from Smartthings (I think it’s a battery saver feature) causing them to be listed offline. They will come back online if they are opened, but because they are offline Smartthings will not recognize the open signal. It will just come back online until the next ping a day or two later. Is there a device handler to fix this? I have searched and found nothing for it. I’m fair at learning new code so I’m willing to take a stab at creating a device handler if there is a knowledge base I can use.

Sengled considers them to be compatible with SmartThings, so this shouldn’t be happening. How many of these do you have? Are they all doing this?

In my experience, these types of sensors going offline is more of a Zigbee mesh issue. Do you have any powered Zigbee devices near the sensors? And I mean non-Sengled branded because Sengled doesn’t use a repeat function…not even in their smart plugs. It’s annoying and caused me tons of headaches until I figured that out.