Platform Update - Release Notes - 02/05/2015

We released another platform update today!

Platform Update - Release Notes (2/5/2015)

  • SMS Number Change:
  • SMS notifications will now be sent from the number THINGS (844-647)
  • IDE Improvements:
  • Sublime keymap added!
  • New themes: Tomorrow Night Bright, Zenburn, Neo
  • User Registration / Password Reset Improvements
  • Better handling of incomplete registrations
  • General Performance Improvements:
  • Reduce time taken to send event information from the hub to device-type handlers
  • Improved performance around SmartApp execution time

We’ve also added a new Sunset and Sunrise section to the SmartApp Developer’s Guide.


I haven’t received any SMS from SmartThings since 2/5. Is there a problem with the new SMS number or provider related to sending SMS to Google Voice numbers?