Selling (4) Nest Thermostats - WTB (5) ST compatible Thermostas

I’m selling 4 of my Nest Thermostats. None have been converted to Google. I’m looking to trade or buy 5 thermostats that will work well with Smart Things. Thanks

This doesn’t matter since that is your account which no one else would be able to use. A buyer would need to create their own account which would most likely be a google account. Anyway, google or nest, a buyer would not currently be able to add it to SmartThings :slight_smile:

UGH…what if someone has a nest already and is “grandfathered” and wants to add more? Could it work for them then?

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Yes, as long as they had the integration between nest and ST before Aug 31, 2019

The real bummer is to be able to add anything to a Google Home requires the migration of the account.