New google nest products with smartthings

New set up at a third location. Though I would get some nest products and use them with smartthings on the nst nest Manager, but when I set up my nest I used google to login and now when I try to login from the nest Manager it wont let me. It says I must of migrated with google and wont let me use the sign in with google on the nest Manager app in smartthings. Any ideas. Thanks in advance for your help.

nothing you can do once you have converted your account to google, I am in the same boat. google are supposed to be releasing a new API for nest devices next year, until then were stuffed :frowning:

That’s very un cool just purchased several hundreds of dollars worth of nest stuff thinking it would integrate with my smartthings.

yup, I did the same, bought 4 nest protects, waiting to integrate them so that I could use the smoke or carbon monoxide detection to trigger automation events. No luck however, I just hope that google get their act together and get it sorted sooner rather than later.

The general public, as evident on many forums and social media platforms. are going mental and they really have taken quite a beating over it. However when I contacted google about it I got a very arrogant and less than caring response from them.