Thermostat that works with Smartthings and Google Home

Been searching for hours and getting confused. I have 4 heating zones and an AC unit. At a minimum I need at least 3 thermostats thus I don’t want to spend big bucks on a compatible stat. I want Smartthings to control wake/leave/return/sleep cycles. Now do I search just for a stat that works w Smartthings or works with both ST and GH? I am thinking the key integration is with ST. I saw A Honeywell Lyric T5 that is reasonable but also saw a thread where a ST engineer was saying ST support just is not there yet.
Can anyone suggest a thermostat that will do what I want and possibly have G Home support?

My Ecobee 4 works great with SmartThings and Amazon Echo. Not sure about Google Home but I would have to think it would.

No, ecobee too expensive.

Nest. They also just released an economy version.

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I picked up 2 brand new Ecobee lite’s for $110 each on ebay earlier this year. The only difference that the 4 has is Amazon Echo integration otherwise its the same as a 3. In fact not really sure what the difference the lite is over the regular 3, since both support the sensors now.

I would highly recommend the Ecobee though, I have been very happy with the purchase and I think you get a more feature complete product then the Nest for less.