Adding Smart App to New SmartThings App?

I am in-process of converting the TP-LInk bulb and plug implementation to the new SmartThings phone App. A roadblock (small as it may be) is that I can not find a way to add a new Smart App (the Service Manager) to the new SmartThings App. Other than using Classic to do this, is there any way?


Not currently. Add it to classic and then it will show up in the new app.


How can I login to the classic app? I have a v3 hub and it’s asking me for a code to login to the new app?

choose new user and your normal credentials.


After almost a year, this is still the case? What is the deal?

My guess is that the new ST phone app will never support classic app installation directly. This may be a decision to rid the environment of a lot of legacy apps that are troublesome. It has the side effect of killing the classic developments.

they added this in last weeks release

Maybe I am missing something but where? I see the ‘Automations’ having an option to install from a list recommended ones (very short list) or to construct a very crude automation yourself.

The update splits out automations and SmartApps. Under the SmartApps menu you can tap + scroll to the bottom and see your custom Groovy IDE SmartApps

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Not seeing that on Android yet, last update was from September (9/25). Guess I am left running the 2 apps for now.

I have just bought smartthings hub and devices expecting some serious clever automations using delays, timers, if then else etc. Not really a lot to ask. Ive spent the past week looking how to do any of this, reading about smartapps and finding “None”, so naturally I’m starting to regret buying into samsung now. I do appreciate the comments of users wanting everything and wanting it now, however I really thought there would be much more to my samsung smartthings V3 than what I can do. I don’t even see any buttons, motion detectors or outlets in the samsung section even though I bought them with my hub. I have started looking at the ide development route, but even with some past programming and a technology backgound, I cannot understand if that is what I am supposed to be doing. I think it only applicable to classic version ?? should take care of your more complex automation needs. The SmartThings devices are under the SmartThings brand to add in the app.

The android roll out has been paused due to this

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I am so glad I was incorrect.

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