ZIGBEE 3.0 Smart Air Box Home

I have bought the zigbee version of the smart Air box (Tuya) ZIGBEE 3.0 Smart Air Box Home Automation Carbon Dioxide Humidity Sensor VOC Temperature Sensor Alarm Detector Tuya/SmartLife|Building Automation| - AliExpress
The device can be added to ST but only as a Thing and I cant find any DH for this unit.
Does anyone have a working DH?

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Any luck with a DH?

Sadly not yet. It is a interesting device so I was hoping there was a DH for it

Keep us updated if you find one.

I just got mine, and I’m also waiting for the same, even willing to develop one, if I can get my head around it. Not an experienced developer, and I haven’t done any coding in years, but I can learn. Hopefully someone mor experienced than me can do it better, and faster.