Alternative to Ring Floodlight Cam?

Hello all
I’m new to Smartthings, and am just planning some projects. I’ve been looking at the Ring floodlight camera recently, as my car was recently broken into. However I note that there is no current integration with Smartthings. It’s also relatively expensive.
My question is - does anyone know if it’s possible to create a similar thing using a CCTV camera linked to a floodlight, which is activated by smartthings? (perhaps using a samsung smart socket or similar?) I wonder if this would provide a better solution, and mean I would not need to subscribe to Ring to access footage from the camera?
Appreciate any thoughts you may have - thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This recent thread has info that should help…

cams tend to false a lot, but they are pretty much essential for alarm verification.

You may be able to put a motion sensor in the car.

note it does tend to indicate ACTIVE when you drive away, so it’s like that until you return. You can manage the response with modes or webCore or Core rules.

You could do this with any IP camera that has an alarm output that can trigger with motion detection.

There are some z-wave contact sensors that take external inputs.

Wire the camera’s alarm output to the z-wave contact sensor’s external input.

When the camera detects motion, the alarm relay closes and changes the state of the contact sensor.

The z-wave contact sensor can act as a trigger to turn on a smart lightbulb or switch that is also connected to ST.

This will take a few steps to get everything setup in ST the way I’m describing. But it’s not overly complicated, just a bit hacky rather than an off-the-shelf solution like ring floodcam (probably easier to setup but more expensive, as you’ve already found).

This doesn’t get your camera feed into ST at all, or otherwise enable any control of the camera from the ST app, it’s just using ST to turn on the light when your camera detects movement in its field of view.

Many thanks all for your suggtions!

I appreciate your help

I’ll post back when I’ve decided on the solution