Ring Flood Lights with Aeotec Mini-Switch?

Just curious if anyone pulled this off. I have a pretty extensive Z-wave network at my house and I am looking at the Ring Flood lights. What I am curious about has anyone been able to isolate the flood lights in the device to control them via z-wave in parallel to the ring head unit. This would give me the option to turn the lights on by either z-wave or the ring app.

An example application would be that if I am in the Ring App, I can turn on the lights on a single flood light device. But if I wire a mini-switch in parallel with the flood lights and turn them on via SmartThings, then all of them could turn on. The alarm/siren would still be individual as that is internal to the head unit.

The scenario is hypothetical as I do not own the Ring Floodlights yet. But we have the doorbell and my wife and I are pretty happy with it.

Without having a head unit in hand, my two concerns would be if the lights do not operate at 120v or if the head unit would react negatively if the light circuit unexpectedly became hot.

Please do not turn this into a “why don’t you…” thread. I know there are other ways to skin this cat (no, I do not actually condone skinning cats) with z-wave lights and IP cameras but I want to just stick to this subject for curiosity’s sake please.

The ring floodlight now works with SmartThings. It exposes the motion sensor and light control in SmartThings.


Does it? I just got a response from Ring today telling me that the only official support is the Doorbell. Funny.

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