Smart floodlight UK based

I would like to install some floodlight around my garden and garage.

My intentions to integrate them into my security system which based on smartthings at tge moment so I want them to be compatible.
I want them also to light with motion and to control them with smartthings app/home app.

It might be so mutch to ask :grin:

I thought about installing smart switch … but not sure how to trigger it with motion sensor .

I don’t want to complicate it , iddally if there are a smart flood light / flood light sensor that is Zigbee/ Zwave / matter based would be compatible but they only option i can find online is Homeseer which base in US.

Any ideas ?

Hi, welcome to the community!

This is a perfectly valid and easy way to do it. You “connect” any lights or smart switches to a motion sensor by using Routines.

Here are the Routines I use to have a motion sensor trigger some flights that are controlled by a smart switch. I just separate Routines to turn on and off to avoid some possible edge cases.

Thanks for your reply

May I ask which motion sensor you use outdoors ?

The motion sensor is actually indoors. I live in the country and don’t want outside lights triggered by a deer or raccoon wandering by.

Sensor is a 5-year-old Samsung branded model, still available it seems:

Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLBAA Magnetic Motion Sensor, White, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

The hue outdoor motion sensor works with SmartThings and the correct edge driver.
I have one installed in my porch. It’s prone to lots of triggers from wind blowing bushes and sudden changes in sunlight, but this is more of an issue during daylight hours.
I also have two silvercrest (Lidl) smart dimmable floodlights installed which to rgb and white. White is considerably brighter than any colour.
I’ve only had them a couple of months so it’s too soon to comment on durability

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