Floodlight Ideas?

Need some ideas on some lighting. I currently have a mix of Ring and ST. On the ST side I have Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. With this setup, I have GE Z-Wave Switches controlling my dumb floodlights. The floodlights have the standard motion sensors that came with the lights which require a quick on/off/on to override the motion and keep them on until sunrise. The on/off/on doesn’t work well with some controllers/devices in the house due to delay in command time. I’m looking to do something a little smarter.

What I really want is some floodlights or motion sensor that is truly a smart setup. I’d like to get notifications when it senses motion and also has an easy motion override for always on. They are outside so they do get wet. I’m thinking I have a few options but no idea on who makes a good product to address the issue the best. Thoughts on the best option below and recommendations on a product?


  1. Leave switch, remove motion sensor from lights, add a regular outside motion sensor that could activate light switch through a routine or IFTTT. Is there a good outdoor motion sensor?
  2. Replace smart switch with dumb switch (or leave it), keep current lights, and just change the light motion sensor to a smart floodlight motion sensor. Who makes a good Z-Wave or Zigbee floodlight sensor only?
  3. Replace the floodlights with a complete Z-Wave or ZigBee floodlight unit with built-in sensor? Any recommendations on good brand?
  4. Replace the floodlights with Ring floodlights (no camera). Not really been impressed with the things I have read on these units but I’d rather hear from someone with actual hands on experience.


@mercdv look at these?

I’ve seen good comments about these. Don’t have any myself but I’ve got a couple dozen Zooz smart switches and dimmers


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I’ll piggyback on this question. :wink: My wife has asked that updated security lights be added to the smart home project, so I’m looking as well. I have been thinking about these ones from 007 Systems, I wonder if anyone here has experience with them?

Sorry, got busy. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out.

Curious what route you went? I have two floodlight fixtures on a single switch in my home and I need to replace both floodlight fixtures. Would like to do something “smart”. Seems like most people suggest the HomeSeer solution?

Happened to spot this today

@Sddabrow1 what did you end up going with?

Homeseer offers a smart motion sensor. HS-FLS100+ is a Z-Wave Plus floodlight sensor that’s designed to report back to your smart home hub when motion is sensed and when dusk or dawn happens. Works great.