Motion Security/Flood Lights

I am needing to replace all our outdoor motion sensor security lights, and am looking for a smartthings compatible solution. my reasoning behind this is that I use Smart Home Monitor, and would love the lights outside to be able to flash when the alarm goes off. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any smartthings compatible motion sensor lights… does anyone have any leads/recommendations? I don’t want to use just smart bulbs in a “dumb” motion sensor light because they won’t activate as they will be powerless until motion is detected.


There are a couple of options.

1. Homeseer zwave retrofit motion sensor

Homeseer has a Z wave sensor that you can add to your existing fixture. It can also turn that light on or off. So it’s designed for exactly the use case you describe it. It’s just kind of ugly.

That’s the least expensive method if you want each light to have its own sensor.

Other Options

The alternative is smart bulbs in a regular light fixture, or a regular smart switch with dumb bulbs, no sensor, and then mount a separate smart motion sensor, however many you need to cover the zones you want to have.

2. Hue Bridge, Hue outdoor lights, Hue outdoor motion sensor

If you use Hue bulbs with the hue bridge, you can use the Hue outdoor motion sensor to trigger the bulbs or trigger them from SmartThings. But getting smartthings to see the motion sensor gets tricky.

3. Zooz outdoor motion sensor

Another option with easier integration is just to use the Zooz zwave outdoor motion sensor. It works quite well. Again, you could either use smart bulbs in dumb fixtures or use dumb bulbs with smart switches.

4. Ring Floodlight Cam

There are a lot of ring models with similar names, but one that does have SmartThings integration is the floodlight combined with the camera combined with the motion sensor. This does have an official SmartThings integration. If you also want the camera, this is a very nice option, although too expensive for just a light.

5. Ring Security Lights

The other alternative is the ring lighting system, but it only has partial integration with SmartThings. See the battery light discussion, although they come in a hardwired version also. Since these models don’t have a camera, they are competitively priced with most of the other options.

So there are quite a few options, but if you’re OK aesthetically with the homeseer, it’s going to be the most straightforward ST-compatible replacement for what you currently have. :sunglasses:

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Arlo security lights are also supported.

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Good to know, thanks. :sunglasses:

How’s the integration? Only the cameras are on the official “works with smartthings list,“ the lights are not.

But I see they do have an IFTTT channel.

I use The Arlo connect in classic app and the Arlo security lights are brought in as dimmable lights with motion sensor.

You can’t control flood vs. spot, color, or flash from ST, but it will use the settings for these that are setup in Arlo app when you turn the light on from ST.

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Hi Everyone,

I am dusting off this old post to see if the landscape has changed since 2019? Ideally I would be retrofitting a flood light system with a Zigbee motion sensor, however I can’t seem to find something similar to Homeseer zwave retrofit motion sensor built on Zigbee. How are people integrating security lights in 2022?

I’m using the Homseer FLS-100 sensors (3) and Blue Iris cameras as motion sensors. Far fewer false positives with the sensors than camera (though I don’t have AI running yet).

The combo well in all weather scenarios I’ve experienced (snow, rain, -5 to 95* F).

Only gap is no edge driver and the DTH doesn’t run locally.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

Hi @JDRoberts, I am in Canada.

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Thanks @Rodd62. I get some pretty cold weather over here. -30c at times. Ideally i would avoid batteries outside. I was leaning towards HomeSeer ZWave Plus G2 Floodlight, but i would rather go with Zigbee or wifi if possible.