Security Camera D-Link DCS-5009L

Anybody knows how to connect the D-Link DCS-5009L Camera on Smartthings? I purchased mine at Amazon and in the questions and answers someone said he connected with his Samsung Smartthings hub automatically, but does not say how.

I know it is not listed as a compatible device, but if he did it, there must be a way how.
I appreciate any support.


Andrei Quintan

Are you sure that review wasn’t for the DCS-5029L which is listed in that same post as a ‘style’ under “HD Tilt/Pan”?

Yes, when I bought it in the 5009L page there was an "answer"from somebody saying it connected with their smartthings automatically, but I asked how and he did not answer anymore…

If its possible, the links below will walk you through it, but i don’t see the 5009L on the compatibility list, so YMMV.

The only answer I see fit that camera on amazon specifically says it won’t work on SmartThings. If you can figure out the REST API commands for the camera you can create a custom device type for it but it will only do still photos and maybe allow you to move the camera. See my DCS-5020L device type as an example:

bkebson, sidjohn1 thank you so much for the information, I really appreciate it. It seems then that the only way would be to integrate it myself manually… I am just not yet ready for that. I just started with the hub and have no idea how to program this thing, so I guess I will have to learn step by step until I am able to… I will give it an effort. Thanks again!

Brazmcfly, I decided to take a shot at it. Very Beta, but workable.

DLINK DCS-5009L Device Type Beta Release