DLINK DCS-5009L Device Type Beta Release

I received some DCS-5009L cameras recently and decided to play around with creating my own device type, since there were so many other similar device types created. This is my first BETA release for this device type. Partly to help others in the same predicament, without a working device type, and partly to get a little help/advice from others on some issues I am having. Please let me know if you try it and your results…

DCS-5009L Device Type

** Instructions:**

  1. Go to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ and signin.
  2. Go to My Device Handlers section
  3. Add +New Device Handler
  4. Select “From Code” Header and Paste DCS-5009L Device Code
  5. Click Create, then on the Next Screen: Save and Publish: For Me
  6. Go to My Devices section
  7. Add +New Device
  8. Give it a name, like DCS-5009L-Patio and also a unique device ID (this will be replaced later)
  9. Select Type (at very bottom) DCS-5009L, and version "Published
  10. Select your Location and Hub. You can set Group later.
  11. Click Create
  12. VERY IMPORTANT: After creating your device, you must select the edit link next to preferences to enter your settings. A bug currently prevents this from working in the app, the app thinks there is an incomplete required field. [This is an area I could use some help or advice in, if anyone has an idea on what is going wrong.]
  13. Enter… Camera IP Address, Port (80), username (admin) [note: I assume you have security], password, and a camera preset setting if you have these setup. A name or number to match your DLink App.
  14. Select Save
  15. On Smartthings App, go into Marketplace and select Not Yet Configured.
  16. Select the DCS-5009L Camera, and confirm things are correct, click Next and Done to Save.
  17. All Done

v1.0.6 - First Public Release
- BUG: You must enter preferences in IDE when creating device or the app will present an error.
- Motion Detection is defined, but not confirmed working.
- Mixed Image results. Tested on 2 DCS-5009L cameras, one will display images, the other will not.
- Verified Movement, Presets, Home, Refresh

I also wanted to make a special note of thanks to Patrick Stuart and Ben Lebson who’s work I built upon.

Thank you Byron, Much appreciated. This helps me quite a bit.

I noticed that when I enter a “1” for the device preset, I no longer got that “You must fill out all fields” error you mentioned. (I was fighting that for a while trying to figure out how to assign my camera to a specific room). Hope that helps someone.


It works…one must be patient with it as it takes a bit for commands to process (I’m slowly learning), but it does work very well…

thanks Byron nice work.


Does this require V2 of the hub?

Only Tested with v2.


Did you manage to find out why some get a video feed and others don’t?

I can control the movement of the camera, but nothing else :frowning:



Anyone still working on this? I’m in the process of setting mine up but i don’t see anywhere in the marketplace that says not yet configured, am I missing something or is this something that used to exist back in 2016 when this was written but has since disappeared?