What smartthings features are available for a Dlink 5029L

Planning to buy a DLink DCS5029L which is compatible with the V2 hub. I don’t want to do any custom codes, so I want to know what you can do with the 5029. Does Anybody know.

I am interested in the following

  1. Image Snapshot
  2. Video Live View
  3. Pan Tilt Functionality
  4. Motion Sensor capability
  5. Use the DLink app at same time for other functionality that smartthings don’t provide

Advance Thanks for all comments, replies

I’ve been looking for this answer for quite awhile and there seems to be no one writing about the things that you could do with the Dlink DCS5029L camera. I bought one to test this out. This are the features as I saw it. If it could do a lot more, please post and inform me.

From Smartthings v2 hub, you can do

  1. Live View
  2. Reboot the system
  3. Video Recording (don’t know how to make it worl)

Thats the only things I can see that can be done, it does not have this feature that makes the unit expensive

  1. PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom)
  2. No Selection to switch between Night and Day Mode, Although Auto will work
  3. No Motion Detection
  4. No Capture Image
  5. No Local storage of video andimage

Also for some reason, when I connect the device to SmartThings, I cannot use the MyDlink App any more I have to remove the device to make it work.

Setup Experience.
The Dlink setup went really smoothly, I was up and running by 45 min.
The SmartThings went well, although it took a while before Smartthings can detect the camera.
As I said once smartthings got connected the MyDlink won’t work anymore, not sure if I did a mistake.

Given the capabilities of the Hub v2, I would not buy the DCS5029L I could do one thing well and that is live view. With that I would rather buy the cheaper dcs-2132l, since PTZ does not work.

I would keep the DCS5029 since myDlink seems to work pretty well. I will probably add this back to the smartthings once they have more feature.

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