D Link Camera - issues and a few questions

Hi - So i just set up my new DCS 5222L(B) camera - I can get it to work with my smart things app and view an image - can we operate the tilt / move functions with the smart things app yet? I ahve 2 reasons of asking - first is, it would be nice to, but 2nd - i just CANNOT get the camera to function with the dlink app - it just won’t work. The app can never find the camera, and i have opened some ports on my Virgin Media super hub but to no avail - i just can’t figure out why the camera won’t work with the official app…Any idea on either of these?

I have the DCS 5029L and I have not gotten it to work with the MyDlink android or ios apps. I have connected a few times through www.mydlink.com. I can also connect directly through the cameras ip and this has been the most consistant way of connecting and controlling.

I believe I read somewhere that the tilt and pan control may be available after the beta phase is over.