DLink 932L Setup?

Hey community! New to D-Link and to SmartThings. Was somehow convinced that the D-Link 932L was compatible with the SmartThings hub. Doesn’t seem like a native device so I did some searching and found some code and am again lead to believe that it can work.

So, for us newbies, can someone lead me, step by step, through how to set up the D-Link camera with the SmartThings Hub? Pulease?

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Where you able to get it to work?

No. I’ve got a bunch of DropCams hooked up. But I still wish there was a way to use this lower cost option with ST.

I recently wrote a devicetype for the DCS-932L… I don’t have one to see if it actually works but in theory this devicetype will be able to take a still picture, turn on/off motion detection and adjust the motion detection sensitivity. Take a look and see if it works for you:

I’ve created a new post for my DCS-932L devicetype. It is now working with still picture, motion detection and motion detection sensitivity functionality.