Iris Smart Plug iL03_1 (IL031)?

I just bought the Iris Smart Plug model iL03_1 from Lowe’s and when I pair it to my Smartthings hub it shows up as Buscop SmartPower Outlet V1.
Anybody know if this is compatible with Smartthings? Is there a Device Handler required for this Plug?

what does the device page look like after you paired it?

I just got this same smart plug, it pairs as Buscop Smart etc… but after pairing just sits eternally in the “checking status” phase. Never gets connected so it can be controlled. When clicked on it pulls up “can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.” Does this mean it’s not compatable with SmartThings or are we missing a step? Thanks!!!

Can either you paste a web page link to this product? I can’t find the part number anywhere online.

I was at My Local Lowe’s hardware last night and wound up with the same plug and the same issues as the previous guys also. It seem’s to be a new device fresh off the factor. This has been the only web page for the product I could find as the official iris website doesn’t seem to have anything for it either. According to lowe’s, it is compatible with smartthings so when I get home from work I will troubleshoot more. Perhaps it takes editing the device type or manually searching for it as a different device?

Ok so my fix for this smart plug was to log into my ST ide and change the device type to zigbee switch power. All I needed was basic on/off functionality and this did the trick. Now it is running as a local zigbee switch and works perfect.

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I paired one today and it paired right up and worked without having to mess with the device type. Maybe something was fixed on the backend?

Does this device have power monitoring or is it just an on/off switch?

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What did it show up as?

This is what I have for the Iris IL03-1 Smart Plug. I used the Zigbee Switch Power to get it to work. Currently won’t work for what I had intended it for. But I will use a different plug I have for the intended purpose.

Hopefully this will help when it comes to building a device handler.

Name Iris IL03-1 Smart Plug
Label Power Meter
Type ZigBee Switch Power
Version Published
Zigbee Id D0CF5EFFFE86C1FC
Device Network Id 66A1
Hub Home Hub
Last Activity At 2018-12-14 3:41 PM CST
Date Created 2018-12-14 2:59 PM CST
Last Updated 2018-12-14 3:41 PM CST
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: iMagic by GreatStar
model: 1113-S
Raw Description 01 0104 0051 00 07 0000 0003 0006 0402 0B05 FC01 FC02 02 0003 0019
Current Version: 0x10006230
Target Version: 0x10006230
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2018-12-14 3:39 PM CST - Check Now
Current States
switch: off
checkInterval: 720
Execution Location Local

Not sure if someone found a solution for this but I found a similar post for a different Iris Smartplug by Blebson and used his Device handler and it worked for the on/Off switch atleast. Not sure if this is also a repeater.

First post so not sure if its ok to post the link but here it is.
Link here

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Should work with SmartPower outlet and run local

I got it working as a smart outlet. But do you know if this has a repeater too in it? Also when you add an IDE, what do you select in Add New Device? I cant get the IDE to show up in the list of available devices to start looking for the signal.

you can’t add a zigbee device from the IDE. have to add it from the mobile app.

Yes that is right but the new ST app does not have an option to pair a generic device. You have to select one of the available devices. The solution I received from another post is to use classic app where you do not have to pre select the device you are pairing. Hope they add this feature into the new app.

that is only a V3 hub/new app combination issue and selecting any non-SmartThings sensor from the list puts the hub into general inclusion mode, so you can pair any device.

Oh wow that is really good to know. Thanks. Thats how I did a few of those Iris outlets. Selected Centralite and Buscopa showed as the device. I had a feeling thats how it works. Is there anyway to find out if the outlet is also a Z Wave repeater?

This outlet is a Zigbee repeater

Does anyone know if this device supports energy monitoring? I tried a couple different device handlers, but the energy reading in the app is blank and won’t show any readings.