Schlage Zigbee Lock

I started a new thread because I see lots of posts about the Z-Wave version, but none about Zigbee.

I’ve been attempting to move my lock over for a while, but don’t seem to be able to find any drivers that use edge, and it always falls back to the standard DTH.

Has anyone had success?

Current DTH Driver details for reference:

Key Value
Name Schlage Door Lock
Mfg Name SmartThings
Mfg Code Schlage
Model BE468
ocf Type oic.d.smartlock
Category SmartLock
Room Foyer
Presentation ID SmartThings-smartthings-ZigBee_Lock
Type DTH
Parent ID 303f8a7c-fbfd-4fc0-8432-3d71afe67efd
Parent Name SmartThings Hub
Network Type ZIGBEE
Type Name ZigBee Lock
Local Execution no

Do you have a custom DTH installed in the IDE? If so, that will take precedence over an Edge driver. You’ll need to remove the device from your network, delete the custom DTH, and then re-install the device. The stock ST Edge driver zigbee-lock supports that Schlage model. As with Z-Wave Schlage locks, you may need to factory reset the device to get it to associate. YMMV

you may want to check if the fingerprint of your lock is handled by @Mariano_Colmenarejo Zigbee Lock Mc Edge driver. if not, you can probably request that it be added.


I added the driver from Mariano’s channel and will test tonight :slight_smile:

Mariano’s driver worked :partying_face: