Schlage Touchscreen

Just moved into a new home with a Schlage Camelot Touchscreen lock. I followed the instructions and have the lock showing up in Smart Things app on iphone. However, the battery level shows 0% (but lock works fine with local code), but I can’t activate it from the app. Nothing happens. Any ideas?

hopefully you are using the ST Classic app.

  • run z-wave repair

if that does not resolve control through the app, then

  • remove device
  • factory reset device
  • exclude device in ST
  • move ST hub close to lock and re-add

i installed one of these at my dads house and got an error (secure inclusion failed)when pairing, even though it showed up in smartthings i could not control it, i had to move the hub within 15 feet of the lock, excluded it and then it paired successfully

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12 feet, not 15

Try adding a z-wave repeater between the lock and the hub and also follow @jkp instructions to exclude and re pair there after. Schlage locks are very sensitive to mesh issues.