Schlage Connect BE469 Recent Issues

Hi, my lock has been functioning correctly until a couple days ago. The hub no longer able to detect my lock all the sudden. So I tried to repair the network, include / exclude the lock multiple times. None of that work until I did a factory reset, removed the lock from the hub, and re-include the lock back to the hub. Now, the hub can see the lock but have the following issues:

  1. the hub only sees the manual locking and unlocking event (using the key or turning the knob). I looked at the event log, there is no event being sent from the lock to the hub if I use the keypad to unlock / lock the door.

  2. locking / unlocking from the phone app sometimes takes a few seconds before the lock response. Sometimes it does not response at all.

I have brand new batteries in the lock and I have this lock of about 2 years now. Does anyone encounter this behavior before? Do you think my lock is not working properly and need to be replaced? Has the device code for the lock updated?

One thing I notice is that my lock is Schlage Connect, not Schlage Century but when I added the hub back to the network, it shows my lock as Schlage Century. Is that the reason? I tried to use the marketplace to add Schlage Camelot but it still shows as Schlage Century when the device is connected.

Thanks for your help!



I believe I am experiencing the same exact issue with the same exact lock (Schlage connect).

was working great for months, until a few days ago. Not sure what happened.
I am using Rboy’s app & DTH. What app/DTH are you using?

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I installed a few custom smartthings app myself to run a few automated routines.

I started noticing when the alerts were no longer sent and then everything failed (not even lock/unlock directly on the smartthings iOS app). So I unpaired, reset, paired again but nothing worked. So I looked into the device log and found out that the smartthings did not output any activity in the log if I used the lock keypad to unlock / lock the door. Only manually turning the knob / using the master key activities appeared in the device log.

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