Schlage Touchscreen Lock - Amazon Deal of the Day

(Ernie) #1

The Schlage lock is currently $139.99 on Amazon as a deal of the day.

(April Wong) #12

I moved 15 posts to an existing topic: July 1st only: Deadbolt for $140 (Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt)

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But that Topic is “delisted” (hidden) and locked?

(Ron S) #14

I think both of the threads got locked. @April!


Just for my education, why might it have been locked and delisted?

(Ron S) #16

There were two threads on the same topic floating around. There was a request to merge them into one. So, by mistake both may have got locked in the process of these being merged. :slight_smile:


Bought two of these Schlage deadbolts.

  1. Any advice on getting them to run smoothly with SmartThings?
  • SidJohn1 recommended to have them within 10 feet of the smartthings hub for initial pairing. Any other wisdom?
  1. Do they know when a door is open, or do they require a open/close sensor in addition?


(Jovan) #18

could… not… resist… damn you, amazon deal of the day :smirk:

(Benji) #19

Does it have to be within 10 feet only when pairing or at all times? I assume Z-wave will repeat like ZigBee?

(Ernie) #20

The lock only knows if it extended (locked) or unlocked. It does not know if the door is open or closed. One piece of advice I followed was to have a device that functions as a z-wave repeater nearby. I use a ge plug in lamp module. I have not had any issues with the lock since installation. One last thing, I also followed the advice of members here to not have any smartapps or actions set to unlock the door. Lock yes. Unlock no.

(Benji) #21

What’s the issue with having apps unlock? Intermittent issues (GPS signal) potentially causing false unlocks for example?


On the amazon reviews there is a lot of complaining about the batteries too. Has anybody here had any issues with batteries? Any way of minimizing power draining?

(Ernie) #23

Many here have complained about doors being unlocked at inappropriate times due presence problems and other issues. Having the door unlock when it is not supposed to is unacceptable to me, so I choose not to setup such a function. Your use tolerance maybe different and it could work fine for you.

I have not had any battery issues to date. Set mine up in March and still showing 99% battery.

(Ron S) #24

I so want to get a second one at this price but then I don’t have a second door. May be put a second lock just for the heck of it… And since it s a nice deal: :wink:

Or perhaps install a new door or change the lock based on season like the swappable bands on watches.

(Antonio Lopez) #25

@Jose, I’ve had mine for over a year and I have not had any major battery drain issues. I suppose if you have something waking and polling it often, maybe, but I don’t poll it like that so I haven’t seen any issues. One more thing, I do use good Duracell batteries.


One more question:)
What code do you guys prefer? The smartthings standard for this lock, or is there some other dev code worth installing instead? Thanks

(Ron S) #27

I haven’t set up any SmartApp related to it. Going on an extended vacation end of this month and don’t want to come back to an empty house…:wink: just using the ST Zwave lock device type for now. Will switch to Erik’s device type or write my own once I am back.


Got my two locks and installed and they are working properly. The one in the back of the house seems a bit slower responding to the smartapp than the one in the front. Somehow, in the beginning both locks were superslow and had somekind of backlog of commands due to my impacience. I ended up uninstalling the front door lock and it took me a while to understand how to exclude it so I could pair it back. Thanks for all the wisdom.