Z-Wave Lock from Liquidation Locks

Just wanted to let anyone know thats considering Liquidation Locks to save money on a Z-Wave Lock that I just had a great experience with them.

After 4 weeks in use I’d already gone through 2 sets of batteries, I contacted them and they offered a refund, replacement, or replacement chip. They even offered to replace my batteries. They also extended the 30 day warranty to ensure the replacement fixes the problem.

Good people, good prices and they stand behind their product. You can’t ask for more, so if you’re weary of buying a “refurb” product, these guys did right by me and when I get to swapping to Z-Wave lock in my other door. I will be purchasing from them.



That’s not a bad price at all. I got a used one off eBay for like $95 I think. Just $40 more for a refurbished, warranted item is nice.

I thought I’d update this post with a followup. A month an a half later my lock is still functioning great. I just ordered another one from them and noticed they are either having a sale or have lowered their prices again.

The Kwikset 910 deadbolt starts at $99 and the Kwikset 912 lever version at $109

I don’t remember them having the Schlage before looking like they have the Schlage BE468 starting at $139

Has anyone found a better deal on these locks or is www.liquidationlocks.com the best deal? I’ll be talking to a friend about SmartThings in the near future