Schlage Door Locks for sale. $145.00 Free Shipping

(Kyle strong) #1

Hey guys,
I have Schlage Door Locks. They are model BE468CAM716. I have tons of them and they are all brand new. If anything doesnt work Ill return it. Ill ship fast and free. Just message me if you want some.

Z wave Schlage touchscreen door lock: 145 (any color)

(Diego Yong) #2

what kind of switches/dimmer do you have. Do you have any photos?

(Marc Kurtz) #4

Do you accept credit cards?

(Kyle strong) #5

I dont know the best way to accept credit cards but I can do Paypal and Venmo.


How are you getting this stuff? Are you a store, reseller?

(Kyle strong) #7

No, I just have a bunch of inventory I’m trying to get rid of.

(Mark) #8

I’m also curious how you can obtain any color schlage lock (which schlage lock btw?).

And you can get anything else that we need? How?

(Kyle strong) #9

I was a part owner of a security and smart home company and it failed so I have a huge warehouse full of equipment.

(Sean) #10

What model locks?
Any with a handle?

(Kyle strong) #11

I don’t have any with handles. They are model BE468CAM716.

(Mohit Sood) #12

What motion sensors you have?
Can you put pictures for it?


Can I you take money via PayPal?

(Marc Kurtz) #14

What is the model number of the Schlage touchscreen locks?


Are the lock refurbished and do they all come with keys?
I was just browsing some reviews on Amazon of this model and I see one that no key was included from the Amazon seller.

(Kyle strong) #17

No, they are all brand new locks so they come with the keys.

(Mcneillr) #18

I would purchase one of your locks if you have it in satin nickel color, send email

(Loren Statema) #19

I am interested in toggle switches/dimmers. Do you have any?

(Kyle strong) #20

I dont have anymore switches. Sorry

(Marc Kurtz) #21

Do you have any BE469 Schlage Keylocks?

(Kyle strong) #22

No, but why would you want the BE469 if you have the smartthings hub?