Schlage Locks - Deal of the Day @ Home Depot (01/10/19)


Amazon dropped their price as well. Unfortunately both Amazon and HomeDepot are selling the older Zwave classic version. The Zwave Plus version was certified a few months ago so it will hopefully come to stores. Maybe this sale is to get rid of some stock?

Actually Aruffell, They are selling both at Home Depot. The sale was probably just for the older models.

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You assumed wrong. I just got one of the ones on sale from HD last month to replace one of mine that was eating batteries like M&Ms. It was the new ZW+ version according to the included paperwork.

Sweet! I have been wanting to know how well these things act on ST. Have you noticed any difference in the lock? Respond faster? (assuming yes) and what DH/code management are you using?

Used Eric’s Lock Code Manager to program it, standard ZW lock DTH that runs local.
PIA was that even though I just reset the old lock at touchpad using another ZW hub general exclusion, then used zw replace to connect the new lock I couldn’t get ST to just repopulate all the codes. So I ended up having to remove and re-add each code through the app.

I went to HD when I first posted this and asked them to see the box as they keep it in a locked cage. It was the old version… so I guess it boils down to me going to soon or old stock getting flushed. Either way I am glad they are finally available. Since @RLDreams has one installed, I am hoping you can share whether you see improvements in the status reporting, and anything else…

Well it’s been a month and batteries still showing 100%. Running local DTH I really can’t see where I’ll notice any performance issue.
Just because the one I ordered from HD online and was shipped directly from Schlage is new version, doesn’t imply at all that brick & mortar stores have new in stock.

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