Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Battery Life

Prior to enabling the smartthings integration the battery life on my schlage touchscreen deadbolt seemed to be pretty good but post integration, I’m finding that batteries tend to last about 2 weeks at best. I’m curious if others have had similar experiences?

I’m going to remove my schlage from smartthings and replace the batteries to see if it’s related but I thought I’d post here in case anyone else has had similar to issues and could provide feedback. Maybe I don’t have something set correctly


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The battery life is heavily influenced by usage here (how often door is locked/unlocked).
I have had the Camelot model for about 2 months now, and the battery is still about 98%
(not sure if truly 98%, or some incorrect reporting from the lock/ST).
I would say on the average, we use it for about 10 times a day (20 lock + unlock runs).
What do you see in the lock’s activity page on the IDE?

I had this issue with a Kwikset 910, after getting the z-wave module replaced the problem went away.

Didn’t think about using the activity log. Turns out I replaced the batteries on August 10th. The door gets used about 10 times a day and most of that is manually locking and unlocking.

On the 24th (2 days ago and two weeks after fresh batteries) it was at 46%. It was manually locked and unlocked once per day for the next 2 days. Today it’s at 3%.

I suspect my device is defective.

I would suspect that too. I’ve had mine (off of eBay) running for almost a year now on the same batteries and I’m at 82%.

I have the same lock, and so far it is reporting 97 percent after 5 months of use. We connected it to ST about a month to month and half ago now. So. I would suspect that you have a defective z-wave device there. How long ago did you purchase the lock? I hope it is still in Warranty?

I’ve been through three schlage camelot deadbolts (Schlage has replaced them all as defective). They all start out great, but then start burning through the batteries after a month or so. The batteries begin going dead w/in one or two weeks.

I’d love to find a solution. A hardwired option would be great at this point.

I’ve had mine for 2-3 months and I am at 99% battery.

Bought mine about 5 months now. Still at 96%.

Where do you find out battery status on the app? The tile above “activity” just has this " --"

I’d love to know this, too.

Edit: Well, I just looked again, and it is now displaying battery life. I looked earlier today, and it displayed --. Weird. I just installed it last night, so maybe it needed time to sync.

Yeah it took a while to sync for me too.

Mine last a little over a year, with an average of 4 motorized activations per day. I did have to RMA my first one has the touchscreen stopped working after a year and a half.

How was your experience with the RMA process?

How do you check your battery life on your Schlage deadbolt? I have a couple now installed using the smartthings standard app, and battery life does not show in the device panel on iOS. Below is what they look like for me (just installed them Today)

After a day of use, the battery indicator on both devices works, and shows 100%. Maybe it takes a while to report the first time. Same issue that resolved itsel that all others had above.

Mine was not reporting the battery first day. Unplugged the battery and put it back. Life is good and it populated. :slight_smile: on a side note I have seen the same behavior on Fibaro motions.

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Was there ever any resolution to this issue? I just installed a Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt to the ST v2 hub two days ago. Previously it had been working find on my Staples Connect for 4 months. Yesterday at 6pm it showed a battery level of 72% then by 6am this morning it was reporting 0%.

I think @garyd9 mentioned somewhat a similar behavior…

I called Schlage today and told them about the battery issue with my Connect Touchscreen and he said it happens occasionally and immediately offered to send me a new one. The warranty is for 3 years (I didn’t even have to prove that I even owned one :wink: That’s about as good of service that I have ever seen.

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Same thing happened to me twice last year.