Kwickset 910 Deadbolt Has Terrible Battery Life

We have a Kwickset 910 Z-wave Deadbolt that is paired with our SmartThings hub. We have it on our back door, which is the one we typically use. I like the device, but the battery life is terrible. We get approximately 1 month of life out of brand new batteries.
I’ve read somewhere that you can set the polling time interval to increase the battery life, but I cannot find settings for that anywhere.
Does anyone know if this battery life is normal? If not, any ideas how to improve it?

Thanks in advance,

We are getting a lot more than that. Say 4 months…but!! I luckily was home one day when the thing fired and locked the door (for whatever reason) and the door wasn’t shut quite right and so the thing just churned and churned and beeped and beeped. Like it had no kill switch or smarts to stop. Just kept chugging while I searched for the cause of the racket and tracked it to our main door. It drained the juice out of the batteries. No idea how long it was going on before I walked upstairs and heard it happening. Just a thought.

I don’t understand these deadbolt manufacturers. I already have to turn a doorknob to open my door. Instead of throwing the deadbolt with a giant motor, just free up the locking mechanism so I can turn it without needing my keys. Let me turn the deadbolt. Motor size goes down, power usage goes down. Form factor goes down. (WAF goes up:-))

Sure you can’t remotely lock your door, but you could still get notifications its unlocked. The devices would be much more reliable.

@jabbera the Schlage (maybe Camelot) works as you wish, the bolt does not power-throw. So somebody has thought about it. Don’t know the battery life but no doubt it is greater than otherwise.

Wow! That is exactly what I was looking for. If only they didn’t look so big and bulky from the inside of the house. The WAF on these is low.

I got this lock installed from my home builder. They have replaced the lock thrice in 15 months yet the battery doesn’t last longer than a month.

Yeah the Camelot is particular is pretty tall. I don’t have any smart locks yet, been just looking for a year so I don’t mean to suggest you buy anything in particular.

I haven’t seen ANY lock where the user says the battery life is great.