Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt battery life always 100%

Hi all,

Have had my Schlage Camelot lock for a few months and it never shows below 100% battery life remaining in ST, even though its obviously losing battery strength gradually over time. Any suggestions?

How often is it used? Unlocking it manually does not drain battery, and sending zwave commands (check to see if it is locked) is low power.

There are also a few reports of batteries dropping off a cliff, where it was 100% then dives to like 40% or even stop working.

What device driver are you using? Is it the default or Enhanced Z-Wave lock? ((Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock)

I had the same question a while back, I didn’t have to change battery until 10 or 11 months after installing. The lock is on my front door, too.

I am 83 percent about 11 months in at this point. Hub is near the door, main door used by 3 family members. Most of the time manually unlocked.

At first it was draining fast, so our home builder carved out some wood from the door and that fixed that, but now we’re probably changing them every month or two. We have it auto-lock or unlock the door a couple times per day I’d guess. After the battery starts getting low, you can hear the difference when it locks and unlocks and it moves slower, but it still says 100% battery on ST.

Hmmmm it is possible that it did not correctly acquire to the Hub. I would try to exclude it and re-include it to the hub to assure that it is connected. Sometimes this resolves any problem with something on a z-wave device not reporting correctly

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I was having the same problem with my old Schlage, and then I got a new one for another door, and it is having the same issue – it always reports 100% until it drops to 0%. Is there any way to see the raw data that is being sent by the lock?