Schlage Camelot worked perfectly for almost 2 months now not

Suddenly, for no good reason, my Schlage connect no longer responds to app commands.

It still somewhat updates “Recently” but its hit or miss. However, if it shows locked status, I tap in smart things to unlock and it just tries and tries and doesn’t unlock. Same the opposite way.

I tried doing the “Replace” feature, but the instructions I found said it would spin a few minutes trying to find the device to replace, however it never finds anything.

I havn’t tried a force remove yet because I’ve got to find a long data cable because I think it’ll require me dragging my hub closer to reconnect it.

I did replace batteries (which were at 99%) and now they show 100% so it still somewhat is talking to the app. Does that seem odd?

When I first installed the lock, I connected it up and took it near my ST hub to do setup, then put it in the door.

Now, its acting up so I’ve got to find a long data cord to try and “remove” and reinstall it. I can’t understand why it worked perfectly for almost 2 months and now it is still somewhat alive in smart things, because the “Recently” history partially updates but I can’t control it from there.

Note: my front door is only about 15 feet and 1 wall away from the hub so I am not thinking its a signal strength issue. I’ve not changed or added anything in the system in 3 weeks.

Help appreciated.

Starting another new thread posting the same question is not going to change the answers. If the lock is not working it is a connection issue. Improve your mesh and/or bring the hub next to the door and reset/reconnect it. If it was still showing 99% battery level after 2 months it was not reporting battery level properly so it not connected properly.

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Good info on the battery. I had no baseline to know if that was or wash not normal battery usage.

I started a new thread because I figured the other subject line was a diff topic and old news and figured noone was going in there to see.

Thanks. I’m gonna try and fight through a reset this weekend. I know little about this stuff other fighting through initial setup with accurate step by step instructions

I have had these locks for going on 3 years with 3 different hub systems. They are rock solid, but a real PIA to get included properly because of the security protocols. Other than the rare actual physical failure of the lock it always comes back to signal strength and full proper inclusion.
The best way to reset the locks is 1 do a general ZW exclusion through app and enter the command code into lock. Then do a full factory reset of the lock from the lock keypad. ( make sure you have record of command code, it is on the sticker inside battery compartment if you lose it )
Have Erik or Rboys app and device handler installed. Grab extension cord or batteries and a LAN cable long enough to reach the door and start from scratch. Make sure you lock, unlock the lock a few times with the app once inclusion is done while hub is still within 3 feet of the lock. If is doesn’t respond IMMEDIATELY and show the proper state in app. I do mean immediately there should not be any delay or spinning wheel while it thinks about locking/unlocking. If any delay at all go back to step one reset the lock and start over.


Ok, thanks for the tip.
For the two months it worked, there was always about a 4 second delay of the lock responding to app command. I figured that was normal as I had no baseline.

Thanks, I’ll try it this weekend.

I’ve had mine installed for at least that much time now (connecting to ST was a breeze) and it vacillates back and forth between reporting 97% and 99% (but never 98%, oddly enough). But then again we’ve only used the motor to unlock the door maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks on average.

So, I’m currently working through this link.

I have no idea what I’m doing except following steps.

I went through the first part “How to…install app”
Went smoothly I think.

I went through the second part “How to add device handler”
Went ok …I think…after I google the github thing from erik as that link didn’t seem to work.
On step 4 it first says to paste in the same GITHUB code I copied above. seems odd because that was called an app, and this section is called a device handler. But the bullet under it said if it was a schlage lock to go to that other link,so I went to that other link, and it was a HUGE long piece of code, with paragraphs at the top talking about changing id lists and such. I changed NOTHING and copied that huge piece of code in as it said and saved and published. (I did NOT copy in the GITHUB thing.). Not sure if thats the problem or not.

On the third part, “Change the lock device handler” things went a little sideways.
When I went to my devices, there are NO devices setup. It brings me to a form wanting me to enter name, label, and zigbee ID, and all sort of stuff.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here, or why it thinks a device is there, and there isn’t. I dont see any extra instructions for when there isn’t a device handler to change.

That is the old version. You should update to his new updated app and DTH