Schlage Connect deadbolt and SmartThings not pairing

I bought Samsung SmartThings hub for my Schlage Connect (Camelot style). Despite the packaging saying the lock was Wink app ready I bought Samsung after some research. The packaging says the Schlage lock is “powered by z-Wave”. I have successfully installed the Samsung app and made a room in the home. However when pairing, there is Z-Wave generic option and “Zigbee” option with Schlage- locks (Branded products). Two questions: 1. I’m a little confused, do I pair via Schlage “Zigbee” or generic z-Wave given Bis is what’s written on the package? 2. After trying both for last 3 hours, excluding devices, restarting lock by removing power and waiting 3 times am when keying procedure on Schlage lock, I get the dreaded X Mark on the lock and no pairing on the app.

Highly frustrated but not sure if this is a lock pairing issue or hub pairing issues. I feel as if I should have bought Wink now. I live in the UK. Is there a help line? Does anyone have any advice on this? I have read a few similar cases and tried to follow the help but still not use. Thank you.

While I have no real “technical” advice, I CAN tell you that I have two of the exact same deadbolts you have, and I have a Samsung SmartThings (v2) hub, and that I had no trouble pairing them in my last house (twice - I had a hub issue and had to factory reset) and then no trouble pairing them again.
Then I moved to my current house, bought two new Schlage Connect (same kind again), and again had no issues connecting them. I would use "Generic Z-wave (they are not Zigbee). In the web page where you log in and look at your devices, mine both say “Type = Z Wave Lock”.

My only TECH advice is to move the hub (if it’s not) very close to the lock when you try to pair.

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Which model hub did you buy? (The hub model should be on the bottom of the hub).

A lock will be either Zwave or Zigbee, not both. Just look for the logo on the box.

As @withay mentioned, the Schlage Connect comes in both a zigbee and a Z wave model. So if you bought the Z wave model (it says Z wave on the box) then you would connect using Zwave.

Zwave uses different frequencies in different countries

However, I am concerned because you said you live in the UK. Z wave operates on different regional frequencies, just like mobile phones do. The reason is because ambulance services in different countries operate on different frequencies and they want to make sure that a zwave device will not interfere with those. :rotating_light: :fire_engine::ambulance:

The Schlage connect lock is made for the US market, and consequently uses the US Z wave frequency.

The regional Zwave frequency is assigned at the time of manufacturer and cannot be changed afterwards. And just as with mobile phones, the Z wave lock and a Z wave hub must be using exactly the same frequency or they cannot communicate with each other.

If you bought your smartthings hub in the UK, it is most likely a UK model operating on the UK zwave frequency. That means it can only talk to other Zwave devices using that same frequency. It cannot talk to devices using the US Z wave frequency. That’s why the hub model number matters. It will tell us which zwave frequency it is using.

(BTW, wink also operates only on the US Z wave frequency. Smartthings, however, makes hubs on multiple different Z wave frequencies. So you buy the UK model if you live in the UK, you buy the Korean model if you live in Korea, you buy the US model if you live in the US. But again, that means the hub can only talk to zwave locks or sensors of the same regional zwave frequency.)

All of which is to say if you have a UK hub and a US lock, they cannot talk to each other using zwave.

US hub and US lock: Schlage-specific issues

If instead you bought the US model hub, it may not be legal to operate in the UK, but that’s a separate question. The US model of the smartthings hub should be able to communicate with a Schlage connect Z wave lock. However, there is a trick to it because Schlage has A very precise pairing sequence which depends in part on the physical location of the lock relative to the hub.

There is a community FAQ which details how to add a Schlage Z wave lock to your smartthings network. Again, though, this will only work with a US model hub.

FAQ: Pairing Schlage Z-Wave Locks


If the logo on the box is Zwave, then pair it using the Z wave option. Not Zigbee.

Check the model number of your hub. If it is a UK model, it will not be able to communicate with a Schlage connect zwave lock because they are using different regional frequencies for zwave. There’s nothing you can do about this. Only the US model of the hub can communicate with a Schlage Z wave lock.

If you do have a US hub model, then follow the instructions in the community FAQ at the link above.


Thank you! Very comprehensive.

Yes I live in the UK and bought my Schlage Connect (BE469NX) z-Wave from the U.S. and yes, I bought ST hub (V3) from UK. From the earlier comment, yes, I have put the ST hub in whisper distance to the lock.

So in conclusion I think I am skunnered. I will not be able to pair the lock to my ST hub. Clearly I did research into locks but not enough into the different waves.

I guess I am lumped with a manual version then. My fault on this one.

Thanks very much for this comment. I can now stop trying (as it’s impossible) and accept my losses.

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Perhaps try to contact whoever you got the locks from and ask for an exchange/refund? Or - maybe sell them on Ebay (or even Amazon as used). Best of luck!

There is one more possibility.

If you can get the zigbee version of that lock, Zigbee is the same in all regions, so you should be able to use that with your UK smartthings hub.

It will look exactly the same on the outside, only the radio inside is different.

That’s so helpful. Thank you. Fortunately I needed another Schlage for my main home and less need for remote use. So I will get another UK Schlage with Zigabee instead. I did notice Zigabee being the choice in ST so suspected this but it’s reassuring to hear confirmation.

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