Schlage RP200

Has anyone had any luck with getting the RP200 connected to the v2 hub? If so What did you have to do ? I have one and really wanted it to be connected to the hub. I am looking to get everything set up with other devices as well.

It should work fine using the generic Z wave dimmer device type handler. If you previously used it with another Z wave controller, you will need to do a general exclusion first to erase the controller information from the previous system.

After that you should be able to add it without any difficulty. :sunglasses:

It was previously connected to a Nexia POS system. How can I get it off of there?

Just follow the “general exclusion” instructions at the link in my previous post. Plug in the device in the same room as your hub. Then after you issue the general exclude command you will need to double click the button on the front of the device. That will clear the Nexia information.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to add it to SmartThings.

Perfect!!! That worked. I also got my lock on the system as well. It does not seem to know the difference between lock and unlock though like the current status since it is not a motorized lock. That will more then likely be changing.

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The locks are troublesome. Locks have to be paired in a way that allows the exchange of an encryption key with the hub. Most brands of locks, if they can’t exchange the encryption key, they just won’t pair. Schlage locks will go ahead and pair but then they won’t be able to send messages. So they can be very fiddly.

The following post has the instructions:

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It is a nonmotorized lock. That will be changing soon. The issue is that when I look at the status on the app it always says lock. At no time even if the deadbolt is within the lock itself does it say unlocked.

I will try these instructions this evening and report back.

Thanks again!

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I have used RP200 several times and it never failed to disappoint (disappear from network within a few weeks). Decommissioned.