Schlage Lock Paired/Connected But Doesn't Respond

Hi, I originally installed a v3 hub along with Schlage Connect lock in location #1. With the Classic App I can lock and unlock as required.

I then installed an ADT Security Smartthings hub in location #2 (physically separate residences separated by a thousand miles) and a 2nd Schlage Connect lock. I had no issue pairing the lock but the lock is not responsive to lock or unlock commands in the app. The app does report the correct status (ex. locked or unlocked) and reports activity correctly.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before? Any suggestions?

I have repaired the Wave network (the lock is Zwave and not Zigbee), excluded the lock from the z-wave network and re-added it.

Help (please).


I would try excluding it and re-including it. I only have one Schlage Connect lock and haven’t experienced this.

This is a fairly common issue for Schlage zwave locks, unfortunately, and can happen for either of two completely different reasons. :scream:

The first is that the security key was not properly exchanged at the time of pairing. Most lock companies will cause the join to fail altogether if that happens. For whatever reason, Schlage will let the lock join the network–you just won’t be able to do anything with it. :disappointed_relieved: See the following FAQ ( this is a clickable link) Follow Walter’s instructions in post 4 exactly–don’t skip any steps even if you think you already did them.

Before you do that, though, read up on the second possible problem. This can affect zwave locks of any brand.

Good luck!

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@JDRoberts, thank you for the very good pointer! I figured it had to be the first solution since my hub resides quite close to the front door and there is a z-wave switch in-between the hub and the lock.

It took a few tries but yes, magic happened! I was unable to remove the device from the Classic app (iOS) or pair the device from the Classic app. I attempted to remove the device from the Classic app, then did a force delete while trying to perform a z-wave exclusion on the lock itself. Went to the new app and was able to do it a general z-wave exclusion while punching in the code on the door lock and it was removed. Pairing took a few attempts, even with the new app.

What is really strange is that the new app sometimes connects to the lock but the classic app seems to always maintain the connection.

Thanks all for the help. Hope I can repay the favour one day.


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