Schlage FE599--some questions

Hi guys.

I’m just about to buy my first smart hub. I would like it to be SmartThings, but I need to get one question answered before I place the order.

According to this link:
I will not be able to receive Lock Status Notifications from my Schlage FE199 smart lock using SmartThings. They say I would need to use Nexia or Iris v2 or Vera or Wink 2 or Linksys or Honeywell for full capability.

Is this true?

My vacation home has 2 American Standard 824 Themostats with Nexia bridges built-in. I could easily solve this problem by paying them $10 a month for the rest of my life. Sure, that will happen, when pigs fly.

I have two BE469s and according to the Schlage chart they also don’t support lock status with ST. However, I believe that feature is working fine for me, unless I misunderstand what it means. I can ask Alexa if my door is locked and ST will check. The lock status is always accurate in my ST app. I have rules that trigger when the door is unlocked or has been unlocked too long, etc. I am using a custom device type handler (this is one of the advantages of ST architecture) so it might be the default Schlage DTH doesn’t support it. But it’s fairly easy to install a custom DTH if one is available from the community.

Perhaps lock status notification specifically refers to notifying your phone when the door is locked or unlocked? If so, there’s multiple ways to achieve this in ST via various smart apps.

The basic features of lock and unlock with work fine with the stock ST device handler. However do note there is a bug in the FE599 firmware that will show it as unlocked after an automatic relock (feature) of this electronic lock.

You can use this Universal Enhanced Z-Wave device handler (requires access to RBoy Apps) which allows you to use the advanced features of this Schlage lock and also patches up that unlock firmware bug.

As for lock status notifications, you can use CoRE to setup a rule to notify you when the lock is locked or unlocked. Infact if you have the patience you can do a heck of a lot more with this SmartApp including making unlock and lock code based notifications etc.

However if you’re looking at using a ready made SmartApp for using advanced features like programming codes and being notified when someone used a code to unlock or lock the door and take actions etc you would want to consider an advanced SmartApp for that. There are a few options available, one very popular option is the Lock User Code Management SmartApp (requires access to RBoy Apps service) which works with the Stock Device Handler and has support for verifying that codes were programmed correctly:

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Wow. Thanks for the great responses. I guess the takeaway is that there is certainly a way to get it done and I should go ahead and get the SmartThings hub. I’m convinced,. Especially now that I know there are a bunch of people out there who can help.

I know there are two versions on the street right now: an STH-ETH-250 and an STH-ETH-200.

How can I be sure to get the latest model? Where is the best place to buy? any coupons or discounts?
Is there any reason NOT to pay $78.95 with Amazon Prime?

At the moment, I don’t feel a need for any light bulbs or outlets or leak detectors, but I suppose that could change. Are the starter kits a good deal?

After a little more investigation, it appears that the RBoy costs $25-$35 per year?

I’d be OK with buying it, but I will never pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to anybody, ever.

If the issue is a bug in the Schlage firmware, can’t we expect an update from Schlage at some point?

I wonder why Schlage is saying their lock works nicely with nearly every Z-Wave hub EXCEPT SmartThings?

Since it hasn’t happened in the past 3 years I wouldn’t hold my breath. Anyways the device handler provide a patch for it so it really shouldn’t be an issue.

Check our the lifetime access plan if you aren’t into annual subscriptions.

If you’re interested you can compare different locks, here a sample feature set comparison for different locks.

The Rboy pricing is for access to the code and any enhancements and fixes. So if you signed up for a year, it means you could access any new code or updates for a year. Your installed code will still work after your subscription expires. Also, the subscription is for ALL the smart apps and DTHs developed by Rboy, not just one specific. IMO, you would probably be fine with a year subscription and not need to renew it. However, I personally recommend just paying the lifetime access for $10 more. I signed up specifically to improve my Schlage locks, but since, I’ve installed several other of the DTHs and Smartapps. So it’s been a sound investment for me.