Schlage FE599 status not updating

I have a FE599 lock that will not update the locked/unlocked status if I manually unlock it. If I lock/unlock it from the app it will update the status. The only thing listed in the history is when a code is added or removed (again only if it is added or removed from the app). I have contacted Schlage and they sent me a new one which worked a little better, but is very inconsistent. Sometimes it will update, sometimes it wont, but more often than not it wont and might take up to an hour to update.

In the live logging it doesn’t show anything when manually using the lock. I do have a few other devices that work and update almost instantly.

What I have tried:
New lock, re-pairing lock to ST, factory resetting lock, using the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock from RBoy, moving the hub closer/further, placing a repeater in between the lock and the hub, and repairing Z-wave mesh.

I’m kind of at a loss and can’t think anything else to try, does anyone else have this lock working?

I had it working perfectly until about two weeks ago. Then both it and my Yale deadbolt stopped working. No status, and won’t accept any commands. The whole list of things that you tried I have also tried. Weird.

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