Recevied new schlage FE599 but have some questions

When I manually select lock/unlock on this device the status on the phone goes out of sync.
I am guessing the standard out of the box device code is the usual ST limited version that doesn’t do 50% of what the device can handle. Does anyone have better device code for this model ?

I also expected it to display “unlocked” after entering the code to unlock it and send an event. So I could see someone using a code. Does this lock have these features ?

Anyone else have tips for this model?

I have seen a thread talking about using the ST app to add/remove codes. Not sure if I want that but I guess can’t hurt.

That’s a smart app but what about the device code.
The smart app is just for adding the user-lock management but I am trying to fix the two issues I mentioned.

  1. Lock doesn’t report status change when manually locked/unlocked. With app out of sync commands get ignored.
  2. Lock doesn’t send any message when someone unlocks using a code. not sure if this is a feature but seems like an obvious one that should exist.

Did you use custom device code or just the standard ST zwave lock device type ?

Both of these smartapps also offer custom device types but are not required.

  1. I only used the default device type for a few days, it didn’t do what I required. I never had an issue with the out of sync problem you’re seeing so I can’t speak to that.
  2. With the custom device type and smartapp it will send a message with the code/user that unlocked the door. It will also report on manual unlocks. I use it to run rules/routines using Rule Machine based on who unlocked the door.

I spent a lot of time playing with the different device types and smartapps and decided ‘Lock Code Manager’ worked best for my use case. You need to figure out what works for you.

OK cool, where is the custom device type ? I didn’t see that in your supplied thread. Sorry if I am missing it.

UPDATE: sorry I see it now. When you link to the code for the app it takes to you both. Didn’t expect that.

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Even the basic ST provided Z-wave lock device type syncs the device’s status for my Schlage lock. Sounds like you have a communication issues with the hub.

It seems to be working with the ST device code now. Inside lock reports status almost immediately, used code same.

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There is an issue with the lock. When unlocked it send a unlocked event to the ST platform but then it automatically relocks after a few seconds but doesn’t sent a locked event to the platform.
Is this what you’re referring to?

No, this post 18 days ago basically says my issue just went away. It works great now so no issues at all. The issue you describe doesn’t seem to happen to me. Knock on wood :deciduous_tree: