Schlage/nexia lock support

(Stephen Sorensen) #1

Anybody know what kind of support is in the works for the schlage nexia locks? My undestanding that it’s planned but backlogged.

Right now the only thing that works are the lock/unlock commands. Lock status is usually incorrect and doesn’t update when the lock status changes.

Here’s my wish list:

  1. accurate lock status
  2. support for the "activity", "tamper", and "forced entry" alerts
  3. ability to trigger the built-in siren (then I wouldn't have to buy another $50 z-wave siren)
  4. ability to change modes when a correct/incorrect code is entered
  5. ability to remotely program and add/remove entry codes

(Brianf2) #2

I completely agree with the wish list above. I have been on this board for months now. I have Micasaverde Vera lite in one location and Smartthings in another. The lack of lock support for remote pin management and pin code alerts are the biggest shortcomings of Smartthings.

The simplicity of Smartthings is also its greatest flaw currently. I really hope the remote programming and pin code alerts will be released soon, until that time Smartthings is not very functional for me and serves as more of a cocktail party gadget to show off.

(Dave) #3

Months prior to ST’s release, I purchased a Vera Light along with a Schlage lock and a handful of other z-wave devices. But only devices that ST said they supported. Little did I know how little “supported” the lock is under ST’s. While ST sorts out their issues and brings the Android app beyond beta status, I’ve put my home automation on hold. Except for the lock for which I still use Vera.

I understand the multi’s work with Vera. I hope ST’s makes to the big leagues, but I won’t wait forever so I keep watching the Vera forums.

(Vincent Colombo) #4

I would also like to request full support for these locks. I bought one recently with the understanding that it would work with SmartThings, not realizing that there is very limited support. I can currently either hope SmartThings adds support for this soon, or start looking for an alternative. Simply knowing if my lock is locked or unlocked is not enough, especially when that isn’t even accurate most of the time.

(Todd Wackford) #5

I returned my schlage/nexia lock and bought two of the schlages that were listed here:

They work awesome and are accurate. The code thing part will be an add-on when it comes.

Twack < A happy SmartThings Geek with 50+ devices and some silly amount of apps.

Happy Hacking!

(Stephen Sorensen) #6


My lock (BE469NX) is listed on the compatibility list but the accuracy is still off. I’m not the only one with this problem either. I’m not complaining though. I saw forum posts on the subject before I purchased my lock so I knew what I was getting into. I believe the SmartThings people have this on their to-do list.

What model do you have that reports the status correctly?

(Andrew Urman) #7

If you’re having problems with lock state, email

Tell them you would like the new firmware and they will push it to you. Once its done you will have to un-pair the lock, and re-pair it. Locks require Z-Wave Association in order to provide accurate state.

(Todd Wackford) #8

I have the 469nx’s but also have the hub upgrade of firmware. I did have to bring the hub near the locks to unpair/repair after the hub upgrade.

I have not had any problems with them since.

(Stephen Sorensen) #9

Thanks guys! I didnt realize that a fix was available. Will request the firmware update as soon as I get a chance.

(Blake Westerdahl) #10


Could you describe a little more how your locks are working? I just got the new hub firmware. The lock/unlock commands are working great and the status is updating correctly when locking/unlocking with the app. However, when the lock is operated by the keypad or internal knob the status is not updating automatically (it can be manually updated with a refresh and is correct).

On a side note: I just switched the lock over from my Vera Lite. While the ability to set and manage pin codes was great, I was getting very inconsistent lock/unlock reactions and the status was almost always off. It would update when operated from the keypad or internal knob but would change to unlocked again at random times. After a few times of being notified the door was unlocked at 3 am (which it was never actually unlocked), I couldn’t stand it anymore. So far the SmartThings is off to a much better start.

(Stephen Sorensen) #11


Are you using iOS or android? Support says some of the problems I’ve been having are due to bugs in the android app.

(Todd Wackford) #12

I have both iOS and Android. iOS is more accurate. The Android sometimes does not reflect the correct state until I kill and restart app.

(Cory S) #13

Yeah, the Android app has had refresh issues since day one, despite numerous patches meant to fix it. It makes me wonder if there is issue they are not aware of how to approach on Android.

What is the proper procedure for unpairing a Schlage lock? Remove in in the app and then press the interior button on the lock within a few seconds? How about to rejoin it?

(Sunil K) #14

@urman What’s the firmware version being mentioned here and how do I check that I’m on the latest one ?
I’m also having issues with getting accurate status of Schlage B3469.

Also, @coryds - did you get the correct procedure for unpairing and then re-pairing your Schlage lock ?

(Cory S) #15

@skhandu I eventually got it to unpair…but it took a while. Eventually I had to string the hub over within a few inches of the keypad for it to work. I forget the exact procedure, but I do remember you had to type a code in to get it to dis join. The code should be in your users manual.

(Sunil K) #16

Thanks @coryds … I will try my luck in unpairing & repairing it… and if successful post back the procedure.

(Cory S) #17

I still have intermittent issues with apps triggering the lock. Oddly enough manually activating it in the apps seems to work 100% of the time though.

(Ajf) #18

I’m no programmer but I have been able to remove Things from my system easily on “graph”:;jsessionid=D1731ADD840187209130C373CD7F6C0E-n1

Plus it gives you other information about your system.

(Sunil K) #19

Thanks @tonyfalcone . And then were you able to rejoin successfully using the default method ?

(Ajf) #20

If you mean re-add a Thing back into your system the usual way via Iphone or such, then yes