Schlage FE599 Lever lock, need some info on settings and apps please

Ok, I’m a bit newer to smartthings, not real new to home automation (used iris for 3 years before upgrading to ST) and I have a few things (lights, switches, sensors, outlets) currently set up and working.
The main thing right now is my schlage doorlock.
I have the Enhanced Auto Door Lock, found under automation/smartapps. installed.
The door lock itself operates fine, as it’s supposed to, codes all work, auto-relocks itself (more on that below) etc. Battery is currently 93%. There is a ST multi-sensor on the door in question.

I have it set to notify me when the door is unlocked (I have not messed with codes at ALL yet, not sure where/how) and notifications seem to work correctly, both text and push from ST.
A problem is that in the app, there is a field that asks for a delay in unlocking, and I don’t want that.
When the door is unlocked, via code on the lock, it opens. Then, the door lock auto-locks itself as it should and as I want, something like 10-15 secs, whether the door is open or not.
When the door is open, ST automatically unlocks the door again, and keeps it unlocked, Not a looping process, just sends another unlock code to the lock. And the notification that the door has been unlocked for the 2 minutes that I set the timer to notify me gets sent.
If I manually lock the door on the inner keypad, while the door is open, it unlocks itself again after that unlock timer delay. If the door is shut, it will NOT unlock itself again (thankfully).
Sometimes we leave the door open for hours, sometimes not.

Is there another way or another app to get better with this keeping the door unlocked situation? I thought I saw after days of reading something here about getting an app either through the marketplace instead of the device apps, or something like that.
Any help on this, up to uninstalling apps, etc would be appreciated.
While I have lots of respect for Rboy and others out there working hard on apps, I’m not desiring to pay for any apps, as the main attraction at first that I switched from iris is that the operating of ST is free.
The only workaround I can see is to set the unlock timer for a REAL long time, and also set up another situation that the door locks itself when the sensor is closed. Doing all that seems to me to set up 2 extra routines that the lock already does itself.
Hope I covered everything in explaining above.
Thanks for your time!

Welcome! A good way to find custom code, most of which is free, is to check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. In this case, just look in the smart apps section under “locks.” The most popular one, and the one I think you will probably want, is “lock manager.” Just follow the link and you will go to its author’s discussion thread and you can ask any further questions there. :sunglasses:

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically just copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. The following FAQ describes that process: