Schlage deadbolt unresponsive in SmartThings

I have a Schlage deadbolt that has been rock solid up until the old SmartThings app was retired. The deadbolt still works and remembers both my & my wife’s passcodes. SmartThings says the deadbolt is online, but it has been stuck saying the door is unlocked even when it is not. The device is completely unresponsive in SmartThings and tied voice services (Alexa, Siri).

I figured I’d remove the device and try adding it again. When I try to remove the device through the IDE I get this error message:
startup failed: script_app_92c57ab932dc555cf1b21cd60de6339f9b85aaa61f54dadc221fad62e48ba4b0: 640: expecting ':', found ')' @ line 640, column 108. ut('removeButton', device?.id)) {return} ^ 1 error

What do you recommend I do?

What device handler are you using? Try changing it to z-wave lock and see what happens.

Is that a @RBoy device handler? If it is… have you kept it up-to-date with the latest version?

if you want to remove it - try z-wave exclusion in the new app> menu > devices > your hub > click 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and open z-wave utilities (except for v1 hubs) or you can use the z-wave exclusion in IDE.

That looks like a platform error. Possibly some maintenance work or a script bug. Try after a while or try a different browser or delete it from the app as @jkp suggested.

Thank you all for the quick replies!

I’ve changed the DH to “Z-wave lock” successfully.

And then I tried to interact with the door thru the app and got an error message. I tried a couple of times over a span of 10 minutes, no luck.

I just now tried to delete the device using Safari instead of Chrome and I got the same error as in my OP. I have tried waiting some time, in fact I posted about this issue a month ago on Reddit and wasn’t able to find a solution then. So this issue has been persistent for at least a month now.

I will try what @jkp recommends for Z-wave Exclusion later tonight, but IIRC I did try this last month and it didn’t work.

Now I’m not trying to make this even more complicated, I’m just trying to share everything I can think of that might be the cause of this… but I have an app installed called HomeBridge (SmartThings). It is the v1 of HomeBridge, I have since upgraded to v2 and want to delete the v1. However, when I try to open the HomeBridge v1 smart app on my phone I get an error.

When I try to delete the smart app on my phone or through the IDE > My locations > My SmartApps > Edit > Uninstall but nothing happens. The only reason I bring this up is when I try to delete the deadbolt, it warns me that the device is used by the HomeBridge app.
Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 5.34.35 PM
Perhaps I can’t delete the device because it is linked to this bugged out smart app? :thinking: Or vice versa?

Tagging @vlad if he has any insight into this IDE error. Never seen it before. Looks like an internal error.