Schlage Lock stopped working with Smart Things

Hi everyone.

We own two condos with locks on interior hallway doors, both have Schlage Connect Lock and Samsung SmartThings Hub. We have SmartThings App Version installed on two phones.

For 3 years, App worked great, we set lock codes as needed. We rent unit weekly, change codes for each guest. Over last 6 months, we’ve had issues with the App connecting to Schlage Connect Lock. The App shows Lock is connected, but when we add or delete a code, we get the “Something Went Wrong” error message.

We started having this issue with both locks at the same time. Having two of everything helps reduce some troubleshooting. Appreciate any guidance on troubleshooting. Thanks for reading.


ST has been migrating devices from the legacy groovy device handlers to Edge drivers,

try installing @philh30 Z-wave lock PH edge driver and switch to that driver for the locks.

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