Schlage Connect touchscreen deadbolt - keep going offline

I have two Schlage touchscreen deadbolts. One of them is working 100% of the time without issues. Other one, is actually slightly newer, and it is offline 75% of the time. But when I do lock or unlock from the app, or operate the lock physically, then the device shows online in smartthings app. But it does go offline after sometime. Both the locks are 5ft apart, so I don’t think it’s the connectivity issue. And there is no modem or any other device near the locks that can interfere with the signals. BTW. I have Samsung Connect Home 3pk, and I am using 2. One of them is only 10 feet away from the locks.

I hope someone has a solution to this. Thanks in advance.

It might be helpful to tell us what model your locks are and what protocol they use (Z-Wave, Zigbee). And also what SmartThings app you use.


Schlage Z-wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen deadbolt lock - BE469

I am using both (old and new) apps, but primarily the New app.
Both apps (and the website) shows the device is offline.

Here is a check list for you:

-replace batteries
-run Z-Wave repair
-change DTH to a virtual device in IDE, update, then change it back to the same handler as the other lock
-exclude, reset the lock and then include it again.
-call Schlage

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Thanks Bob. I tried all these steps already. But nothing worked. I also contacted Schlage, and they are sending a replacement. This is the 2nd replacement. So, I am trying to understand, if its Smartthings or the lock itself.


Same lock, similar issue. I made a post on here about it a bit ago I think. Worked well in the beginning, then I added rboyapps to get more use out of the lock. Worked well for a few months before losing connection constantly. I would stop receiving texts and soon after, I lost remote functionality. Resetting it was a PITA and was only a bandaid. Eventually I grabbed 2 repeaters and placed them within close to the lock. 1 is less than 10ft away the other is about 15 feet away. Tried using only 1 of these and still had the same issues. Mind you, the hub is probably about 25ft away from the lock.

After adding both repeaters and using the repair option many times, my problems have ceased. When I was searching for similar issues from other users, I did not have a problem finding others in my position. Seems to be a lock issue.

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I think it is the lock issue. I just received the replacement and that seems to work fine so far. I was testing the batteries in the lock with issues and noticed that the batteries were totally drained, and looks like it happened very quickly. No warning and no indication that it has low battery. And infact, these batteries are barely 2 months old and I probably used the lock 5-10 times max. They did sent me a zwaveplus lock, so will see how it performs.

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That would the SmartThings “Device Health” which is marking it offline. The way it works is that ST “pings” the lock from time to time. If the lock responds to the ping it marks it online and if it fails to see a response it marks the lock as Offline. It doesn’t mean there’s an issue with the lock (as you’ve seen when you try to lock/unlock it), it just means that the ping/response from the lock didn’t reach the hub. This often means there’s an issue with the Z-Wave mesh because of which some messages are being lost.

A few best practices when using a lock to avoid such issues:

  1. Have a buffering device within 20ft of your lock
  2. Reboot the hub and do a Z-Wave repair
  3. Ensure your lock batteries at strong, especially with Schlage deadbolt locks, they tend to start dying around 75% which can interfere with it’s mesh communications. See this post for more details: At what percentage to change batteries in Schlage lever lock?

Thanks for your response Maddie.
I’ve received several different responses. But this is the most convincing one.

  1. Lock is within 20ft from the hub. And I do have several Zwave devices (that can act as repeaters)
  2. I tried the repair and didn’t work either.
  3. I followed the link and read your post. I think that explains. The battery did drop below 75%, and then in no time, it started to go offline, and then finally dead. Apart from that, the lock itself drained battery from 100 to 75% in matter of days, even though I’ve only used it only 5-10times in 2months. So, I am guessing it has a bad radio, draining the battery. Atleast that’s what Schlage concluded, and sent me a replacement lock.

I also get the “offline” notification often. My Schlage is within 10 feet of a repeater. The battery percentage is always above 80%. I have rebooted and performed the Z-wave repair. None of those things seem to have changed anything. HOWEVER, I have several webcore pistons for this lock and the lock seems to always function as expected despite the “unavailable” notification in ST.

I have the same issue, my lock is only two months old and the battery is 88%. I have this issue since I connected to Alexa for voice commands yesterday. Any assistance is welcomed

Same issue here. Seems to push itself back online when used by someone. I too connected to Alexa recently. Any tie into doing so?

I factory reset the lock according to Schlage instructions and added as a new thing. It seems to work OK at the moment.

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