Schlage connect ST classic app locking on its own every hour (June 2019)

I scanned the community for reports of this last week and didn’t find any. My apologies if I missed previous reports.

This is due to a platform change regarding the filtering of lock events. Previously locked/unlocked events would be filtered out if they were unchanged (changed=false). So currently when a lock is polled, the lock state is being displayed regardless of whether it has changed or not.

Take this as an example:

The last event in the screenshot is a “Locked” event but “changed=false”. The lock was already locked and previously didn’t display in the IDE.

We are aware of the feedback and understand it is causing some confusion as exampled by the original post. We are evaluating possible ways to address it.

It is also worth noting a few things:

  1. These events should be filtered from the new SmartThings app so you will only see them in the Classic app or IDE.
  2. They are not contributing to battery drain. The locks are not being polled more frequently. There is just now a more visible event when they are.

I am not seeing the unchanged events displayed for my locks in classic app, but the event history for my devices are showing 3 or 4 ping events every hour today, instead of just one (a few i checked looks like they are within the same second and have the same command id but different event id and time)

Hi Brad.
I installed the new Smartthings app, and you are correct the hourly lock signals do not show on the history. But am I missing something with this app. It only shows me battery life and history. I see no way to create or manage user codes for the lock, which is what I need for this vacation rental property. Thanks.

I see no way to create or manage user codes for the lock

You will need to add a smart app for that.

I do not see “smart lock guest access” app available on the classic or the new Smartthings app. Where can I get it. Thanks

Hi Brad. Still getting hourly locked signals. Do you think this will be fixed any time soon. I cannot seem to get the new app to work for me. I’ve has no luck installing the “smart lock guest access” smart app. Thanks.

If you’re located outside the US or UK, you may not see the Smart Lock Guest Access option.

Is your main concern that you are seeing the locked events in your device’s activity? Is there an alternative approach to monitoring the locks you could utilize?

Ok. That’s it. I am in Mexico. What is the other approach?

Well monitoring the activity feed for “locked” events doesn’t seem very efficient. I would look into setting up a notification when the door is locked/unlocked. That should only look for state changes which filters out these non-state change events you are seeing.

I’m seeing this too! So I read all the responses and it looks like there is a new Smart Things app but you may need a separate app to add and delete guest codes? Alternatively you can weed out the “locked” status? Is this an accurate summation? How does one filter out the locked status?

I’ve noticed this hourly polling of my Schlage Camelot for about the past week. Hub v3 US , Firmware 000.025.00032 , using the Smarthings z wave lock device type.

Today 6/20/2019 - when the door is unlocked/locked the name is not listed in the “recently” section associated with the lock. Also updated extremely slow today, appox 30 mins.

Tempted to try RBoy or other custom device handler to see if I can improve the monitoring of the lock.

If your Samsung account is in the US, you can use Smart Locks Guest Access in the SmartThings app to manage lock codes. This version of the app also filters out these events.

Otherwise, you can filter the events if you are subscribed to a lock via a SmartApp but you can’t filter the events from the native event feeds in the SmartThings Classic app.

Hey Brad,
I’m having the exact same issue and am unable to use Smart Locks Guest Access as I am located in Canada.
Is this something that will come here? Or will it only be available in the US?
If so, I may need to find another method, perhaps looking into RBoy.

I am not aware of plans to enable Smart Locks for Canadian users but I will pass your feedback along.


My Schlage lock also started to report hourly locked/unlocked status on the application 2 months ago.
I noticed one night it has unlocked the door and we noticed that door was unlocked in the morning.
I’m thinking it unlocked it because of this hourly status report. Is there any way to resolve this reporting issue?

So far I have done;

  • Update the Hub software
  • Restart the lock and hub
  • Changing batteries
  • Remove and re-register the door lock.

Nothing seemed change this behavior.

Thank you,

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Been lurking for a while.

I have 12 hubs and about 100 locks.
This is happening everywhere.
I mainly use Yale, and I did turn off Health just in case.
Still, my battery replacement rate is verging on stupid, and the locks keep reporting locked or unlocked almost every hour. I went on Live Log, and did not see anything that is polling specifically, just a regular check in. No third party app on some of these locks, and those that did have, I deleted the apps. This has all started about a month or two ago, and as it prevails across multiple hubs and all my locks, I would say that somehow this came from an update to the hubs. If anyone has an idea, please share. I have been running like this for 2 years now, and have never seen anything like it.

It’s a platform quirk related to local execution DTH’s that was explained by Brad in an earlier post. It’s not related to any apps. It only appears to be affecting the local lock DTH and not custom lock DTH’s. It’s a cosmetic issue where the platform is showing an event when it shouldn’t be displayed (when it coming from a local execution lock DTH), it doesn’t mean anything and you can ignore it. If it’s still a concern for you, try a custom DTH such as this one:

Thanks, I am monitoring closely. I am seeing some locks taking a faster dive in power than others, for no physical reason. I will report once I have more solid numbers.I am tracking a bunch I replaced Batts all at the same day for a bench.

Just a heads up. This not uncommon for identical locks to have different battery usage.
While battery usage can be optimized to some extent by various parameters including the use of repeaters, layout and some DTH optimization, they have maybe 10-20% difference in overall battery life.

We have seen two identical Schlage locks (same firmware, model etc), mounted next to each other, same DTH - one lasts a month while the other lasts 6. Sometimes it’s just a bad chipset if the difference is that drastic.