Schlage Connect delayed reporting

lock will not report to Smarthings when I manually unlock on lock the lock for up to an hour later.
Im using a Handler by"garyd9" v2.
I can only find one other DHL on RBoy web site didnt want to pay for one if I can help it
Any ideas
The lock has been working for months. I have factory reset lock and excluded and included. Works find with the Smartthings DHL
The only feature that I really want is a text when it unlocks or locks

I get push notifications OK using the standard ST device handler.

If I open the door with the code, status turns to unlocked and takes about an hour for it to show as locked again, even though it actually auto re-locked right after I opened it.

I had similar problems and eventually went to a v3 hub so I could position it closer to both of the doors with schlage connect locks and that solved my problems.I was getting random disconnects, the locks working but showing improper status of locked or unlocked, etc. I dont think these locks have the same range as other z-wave devices and that could be a result of being battery driven idk

I reset lock and then excluded and included the lock and Im using the DHL that Smartthings has. Its working now for me and Im using Webcore to send out a SMS
Scherbs about the locks not having the range from what Ive read these zwave devices all connect together and relay the command I have a zwave switch 5 feet from the door so I do not belive that is the problem

Interesting. Mine had weird problems during initial period but changing the batteries resolved the intermittent reporting issues. I also did zwave exclude then paired again. My schlage reports changes instantly to ST. In fact i use a door contact sensor telling the lock not to close if the door is still open and to lock the lock after the door is closed for x seconds. I don’t typically buy ANY dths, especially for an open source project.