Schlage connect ST classic app locking on its own every hour (June 2019)

Been lurking for a while.

I have 12 hubs and about 100 locks.
This is happening everywhere.
I mainly use Yale, and I did turn off Health just in case.
Still, my battery replacement rate is verging on stupid, and the locks keep reporting locked or unlocked almost every hour. I went on Live Log, and did not see anything that is polling specifically, just a regular check in. No third party app on some of these locks, and those that did have, I deleted the apps. This has all started about a month or two ago, and as it prevails across multiple hubs and all my locks, I would say that somehow this came from an update to the hubs. If anyone has an idea, please share. I have been running like this for 2 years now, and have never seen anything like it.

It’s a platform quirk related to local execution DTH’s that was explained by Brad in an earlier post. It’s not related to any apps. It only appears to be affecting the local lock DTH and not custom lock DTH’s. It’s a cosmetic issue where the platform is showing an event when it shouldn’t be displayed (when it coming from a local execution lock DTH), it doesn’t mean anything and you can ignore it. If it’s still a concern for you, try a custom DTH such as this one:

Thanks, I am monitoring closely. I am seeing some locks taking a faster dive in power than others, for no physical reason. I will report once I have more solid numbers.I am tracking a bunch I replaced Batts all at the same day for a bench.

Just a heads up. This not uncommon for identical locks to have different battery usage.
While battery usage can be optimized to some extent by various parameters including the use of repeaters, layout and some DTH optimization, they have maybe 10-20% difference in overall battery life.

We have seen two identical Schlage locks (same firmware, model etc), mounted next to each other, same DTH - one lasts a month while the other lasts 6. Sometimes it’s just a bad chipset if the difference is that drastic.