Schlage connect “schlage button” not working after adding to hub

I have 3 Schlage Connect deadbolts. 2 of them I added with no problems whatsoever. The third one, when I reset it to factory default, the Schlage button on the keypad locks the door. As soon as I connect this lock to the smartthings hub, the Schlage button stops locking the door. I tried this process of resetting and reprogramming a few times. Every time, the Schlage button stops working. I figured it must be a dud, so I contacted Schlage and they sent me a new one. SAME PROBLEM! Like I said, I have 2 others that I added and have no problems with whatsoever.

Any help is much appreciated!

I think it disables the one touch locking, so you’ll need to enter the code before pressing the Schlage button.

If you’re using this device handler you should be able to adjust the one touch locking settings from SmartThings or your can do it locally on your lock itself.

Thank you! Your response sent me down the right path to search for the answer. Turns out there is, in fact, the ability to turn the “one touch” lock function on and off. Basically, you press the Schlage button, enter the programming code, then press 7 to enable, and 7 again to disable. For some reason, adding to the hub was disabling the function. Don’t know why this didn’t happen on the other 2 locks, but now I know how to fix it!