Schlage Connect lock won't pair

Have followed instructions. Have a ZWave repeater very close to lock. Have tried Add Thing, and it doesn’t detect. Have tried disconnecting lock power and reconnecting. Have tried Add Thing Manually, however, this does not list the Schlage Connect, only other models . Have restarted hub completely (removed batteries). thanks for any advice.

i resolved this by doing an exclusion.


Had to do the same with my Schlage when I first set it up last year…it acted like it paired but didn’t, went into exclusion removed and re-added and it worked…

I guess that Schlage is still shipping them pre-tested and no excluded first.
Been that way since 2008 , the first versions. some come ready to go , others need to be excluded first.

I have 3 schlage camelot locks. I got a new hub the other was 4 years old and died. I have reconnected motion detectors, door sensors, sonos speakers no problem. None of the 3 locks will connect. I have reset the locks, the hub is within a foot when I try to pair, I have a zwave device 3 feet away that is paired, new batteries in the locks, uninstalled and reinstalled the new ST app, tried with new and old ST app, excluded (get notification on app it worked and lock shows green check), included (lock shows check but the lock never shows paired with the app. The app says nothing paired for all three please help!

Two things to try…

  1. if you have any old device handlers for locks in IDE, try republishing them again. Or remove them and just use the ST stock device handlers. Then exclude and try to pair your locks.

  2. if that fails, try the following…
    Hub will not pair any new devices

There is a third option, exclude the locks, reboot the ST hub, wait 24 hours and then try to add them

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Have done all of these and nothing! Also, won’t pair with cree bulbs A19 or modern forms fan. Ideas?

How do you setup the exclusion with the new app? Or do you do it in the IDE? Thanks…

To perform a z-wave exclusion in the new app, click on your hub as a device, in the window that opens, click the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen. Then select z-wave utilities

Got it thank you. I had been searching all over. Thats buried pretty well!