Schlage BE469ZP without DSK

Has anyone successfully paired a Schlage BE469ZP without providing the DSK? I purchased the unit for parts on Mercari in order to upgrade my old lock to z-wave plus and it doesn’t include the DSK code (no install plate, no box, etc.) When adding the device without going through the secure setup option, it appears as a generic Z-wave device and I don’t have the option to select another driver even though I have a few Schalge compatible edge drivers installed on my hub. I’m trying to determine if it’s even possible to successfully pair this lock without the secure setup.

It’s likely that your lock doesn’t pair properly without the DSK resulting in the fingerprint being all 0’s. That’s likely why a generic Z-Wave driver is selected and no other drivers are eligible. With the transition to the Edge driver architecture, it seems that successfully pairing S2 capable devices without the DSK isn’t possible.

That makes sense (unfortunately.) According to the Schlage support site, they may be able to lookup my DSK using the device serial number if it’s in their database. Hopefully that pans out.

Update: Schlage support was able to provide my DSK based on the lock’s Serial Number which is located on a sticker on the back side of the main locking unit. Once I had the DSK, I was able to successfully add the lock to the hub.