Schlage BE469NX Edge driver no Settings issue

I have some Schlage BE469 Z-Wave locks that I’ve manually move over from Groovy to Edge drivers. Pre-Edge days, they all work and behave the same. Post-Edge, my BE469NX(2015 model) works but doesn’t seem to get all the features like the other BE469 locks. I’ve tried switching from Z-Wave Lock to Z-Wave Lock(Beta)/Phil’s Z-Wave Lock PH v1.0/Z-Wave Lock PH BETA Edge drivers with no effect on the BE469NX model. The main issue is accidentally refreshing which wipes out all edited Code names back to Code 3,4,5,etc. The only way to stop that on the other BE469 lock was setting pin length and toggle refresh button within “Settings” option.

For example, BE469NX doesn’t have “Settings” option nor features to customize lock:

It displays as “base-lock” instead of “schlage-be469” with Mfg Code and Model

Other BE469(2016+ models) lock show “Settings” along with more features like tamper, alarm, beep, lock and leave, etc.

Any suggestions on how to get my sole BE469NX model to become “schlage-469” instead of base-lock so I can get into Settings?

Another issue I see post Groovy DTH is I can’t seem to edit Code # to name after 8th slot and make it stick. It would always revert back to Code 9/10/etc. It occurs on all my Schlage locks so now notifies a “Code 9” opened lock instead of “Jonh Doe”.

The fingerprint on your device being all zeros is a tell that the device is not properly registering with the hub. I’ve had that with other devices and when it happens, a factory reset was necessary to get it to work. Once you can get it registered with the proper fingerprint, check the fingerprints of @philh30’s driver to be sure your model will be detected for his driver.

The behavior of the lock code names reverting is only fixed for the Schlage locks in his driver if it properly registers as a Schlage lock and is using the specific code to handle the problem. Otherwise, it will default to the section of code that is based on the stock driver which has the bug you are observing.

Thanks for insight. I had performed a factory reset on the BE469NX lock in order to get it to be able to be detected and added to my ST v2 hub. I even excluded lock when deleting device, DTH and smartapp. I’ll have to wait till weekend to perform another factory reset as it took several attempts to get it included after last factory reset.

If that device supports S2 security, I’d suggest adding the lock using “By Brand” vs “Scan nearby”. For some reason, I had better luck getting mine added using that method vs any other.

I don’t believe it supports S2. I did use the By Brand route for scanning as well but will try again after factory reset. I forgot to save it’s fingerprint info before deleting from IDE so that I could compare to fingerprints.yml for Edge driver.

Am I able to obtain deviceLabel, manufacturerId, productType, and productId in CLI logcat during scanning process? API Browser+ doesn’t show it in device details.

I don’t know if that info will be provided in logcat or not. It can’t hurt to do logging while trying to add the lock to see if you get any additional insights.

Will try to see if it shows up in logcat.

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