Scheduled Event Failure?

I have a pretty robust SmartThings network with 19 devices. These include switches and receptacles as well as two CT100 thermostats. Recently I’ve been having a time scheduled event failure with my upstairs thermostat. I have set up both thermostats on the same Routine and only the downstairs thermostat runs and the upstairs unit does not. I have tried SmartApps of different types and set up both to do the same thing. Once again the downstairs works and the upstairs does not.

The issue is not one of connectivity, I know this because the thermostat that fails to set properly is fully connected and I can set the temperature and mode via the app with no delay.

Does anyone have any idea of what is causing this or what I can do to fix the problem?

You need to get in the ide and do some logging to see what fails. Or it could just be the general routine failure like others are seeing
Can you try creating a backup routine that does the same thing


So you suggest that I create another routine that is similar to the first as a backup? That seems like a worthwhile idea to try.

As for the logging; do I set that up or is it done automatically? What am I looking for?

Thanks for the help.

Very frustrating!

The first thing is to contact support so they can help you look into it. There should be a link to support at the top of the community page.

There have been a lot of scheduled event failures lately, it may be an issue on the platform side. There are at least four topics in the following category discussing failures in scheduled events in the last couple of weeks.

If you do want to start checking logs, here’s the FAQ on that:


My good morning routine didn’t work this morning. It was working for months without issue. It is just a simple routine to turn on the bedroom lights at 6 am.

Also, last night was a fiasco, alot of my zwave devices was not responding and failed zwave repair until i power cycle the house. It seems only the zwave mesh is having the issue. Zigbee is always working great.

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my good morning failed also as did the good morning backup … but it may have been due to Comcast outage in my area last night… holding my breath for tomorrow morn.

Add me to the list today. “Good Morning” based on things started happening did trigger but “Morning lights off” with a specific time failed. Does nothing but turns off 4 hues. Of course the scheduled event was stuck at a past date when I looked in the IDE.

hm… just checked all my scheduled things after your post and they all look ok to fire…
not sure why things start happening would not have fired for multiple people… must have been back end issues…

Things start happening did work. The routine with specific time failed…I finally deleted this routine and created a new one. For me it was this “specific” routine which caused all the heartache.

Help a new guy out here. What’s the deal with “things start happening”? Can I transition from scheduled things to “things start happening”?


This is an example of a GoodMorning routine where it is triggered when motion is detected by two motion sensors in my hallway between a certain time in the morning hours.

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My SOP nowadays when things fail (especially anything with a schedule attached to it) is just to delete the bloody thing and re-instantiate it.

I have had routines that don’t trigger on schedule, ones that do but don’t change the mode they are set up to change, and ones that kinda trigger in the sense that the behavior is observed for the specific mode change, although the mobile app does not display the correct mode (even after a force quit and re-launch).

Once they start behaving badly, they usually retain a certain amount of FUNK until you just undo and redo them. Very sad, but that has been my experience since hub v2.

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Thanks for the great examples. My problem with the failed schedule is that we want to have the heat kick on before people start moving around. I plan to try and find it in the logs (still learning that part), get with support and play with it as soon as I get home today.

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@SBDOBRESCU Do you realize that I can actually bring down the platform. See what happened.

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The ST system has been very flakey the last few days. Scheduled lights to turn off at a specific time not working, I can’t add my Harmony hubs because of some ‘can’t save credential page’ error that comes up on the last step (support case submitted). Now I came home and none of my motion based alerts are firing and it just took me 3 attempts to get into the IDE to check the logging.

I don’t know what changed in the last platform update but I can tell you that all the changes were not listed in my opinion. I couldn’t stop talking about how awesome this system was up until last week, now it’s become my second job trying to troubleshoot it back to mostly functional and my setup isn’t even that advanced. Hue bulbs/controller, Alexa, and ST sensors for motion.

Looks like @SBDOBRESCU and others have already started sending “it” my way. I am getting a spinning wheel everywhere in iOS app.

And now an empty dashboard.

IDE gone for a toss as well…

This issue has been hit on already in another thread…

It’s been going on for a couple of weeks now. Routines seem to be executed, but actions don’t complete. Very random, I have it happening about one out of three days.

Just got an email about degraded mobile app.

Yeah baby, we are back in business…open sesame! Sorry for your troubles @smart, please keep poltergeist as my xmas special present xoxoxo